How to get hand history from Pokerdom?


February 2023 sees Pokerdom in 8th place in terms of number of players. That's a lot of progress for a room that in recent years ranked 16-17th. There could be even more players if the room would allow the use of statistics. However, poker trackers and auxiliary software are not allowed here. Partypoker and PokerOK are also against playing with statistics, but allow to download the history of hands. How is it with Pokerdom?

How to download the hand history from the client Pokerdom?

Partypoker and PokerOK originally did not allow to get the played hands. However, under pressure from players, the rooms went ahead and made special tools where you can download hand history. Users download files to their hard drive and import them into poker trackers. Albeit with limitations, but they could improve their strategy. You'd expect a similar mechanism from Pokerdom. But it is not there.

Formally, the history can be viewed through the tab "Settings" - "Game History". In fact - it's just a replayer of hands without the ability to download. It is also misleading to go to the "History" tab through "Settings" - "More Options". There's even a "Save Hand History" checkbox, but it's about saving hands for the regular and video player. There is no download button.

You can't download the hand history. Only to view

Pokerdom is not going to soften its stance on the software, so there is no legal way to get its hands. What about alternatives?

What software will help with Pokerdom hand history?

No tracker works directly in Pokerdom, not even Hand2Note. To get hand history from the room, you need a converter. There are two converters for PD:

Converter Supported trackers 1 month price 1 year price Trial
PokerDom Converter Holdem Manager 3, Hand2Note, Holdem Manager 2, PokerTracker 4 10$ 42$ For 3 days, no function restrictions
Advanced Pokerdom Converter Holdem Manager 3, Hand2Note, Holdem Manager 2, PokerTracker 4 15$ 60$ No time limit, but with anonymous opponents

Both converters do not indulge in beautiful interfaces, but they fulfill their tasks. They support both cash game and tournament poker. Advanced Pokerdom Converter has more flexible prices and support for disciplines: you can buy a separate version for cash or tournaments. In this case the price tag will be lower. See all versions of the software in the product card.

The usefulness of the converter does not end with importing hands. With it you can output the HUD and statistics in full. The situation when we will have information on our opponents, and they won't have it on us, looks tempting.

Will I get banned for using the converter on Pokerdom?

The rules of the room explicitly state that any software should not be used during the game. If the security service finds out that you are playing with the converter, they will block your account. The main thing here: "if they find out". The developers understood that no one will use software that will get banned. That's why they included protection into the converters that concealed the working tracker. The security service can't see neither converters nor trackers.

The chain "Room"-"Tracker"-"Converter" must be started in a strict sequence. First we start the poker tracker, then the converter, and after them we open the Pokerdom client.

Just in case Pokerdom will figure out how to calculate players with trackers, it is recommended to keep a comfortable minimum of buy-ins. This will keep your bankroll safe from shocks.

How to try out the Pokerdom converter for free?

To evaluate the software for free, you need:

1. Download the converter from the official site of the developer.
2. Install it on your computer.
3. Write to KingsHands support team in any way you like.

Statistic and HUD at Pokerdom poker table

Support team will not only give you a trial, but also explain how to properly configure the converter.

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