Advanced PokerDom Converter

Advanced PokerDom Converter

A convenient hand history converter for PokerDom. It supports HM2, HM3, PT4, H2N
from 5.00$

Advanced PokerDom Converter is a convenient program for automatically converting PokerDom hand history into a format supported by Holdem Manager 3 (2), PokerTracker 4 and Hand2Note trackers. Advanced PokerDom Converter automatically finds PokerDom tables and adds support for HUDs.

The tracker imports converted hands in real time and displays statistics on opponents. Conversion settings of Advanced PokerDom Converter allow you to save statistics separately. The player gets access to the full functionality of the tracker, gaining an edge over opponents from the PokerDom.

Advanced PokerDom Converter has a free trial. It works without time limits. All functionality works as usual: updates, automatic table search, gaming session monitor, HUDs. The only feature of the trial version is that when the hands of PokerDom are saved to disk, the names of opponents are anonymized.

You can download Advanced PokerDom Converter for free here.

Features of Advanced PokerDom Converter:

  • Simple and intuitive setup;
  • Autoupdate system;
  • Popular poker trackers support such as Holdem Manager, PokerTracker and Hand2Note;
  • Advanced PokerDom Converter support various conversion formats which brings NoteCaddy into play;
  • Automatic tables search and HUDs;
  • Full control of the converter state, poker tables monitor, hands log, access to saved hands history files;
  • Observer mode allows you to collect hands history without participating in the game;
  • Relatively low RAM usage and CPU load;
  • Full-featured demo version;
  • Flexible pricing strategies: you can choose game type, license terms and limit ranges that suit you more;
  • Our support team stand ready to assist you with all of your technical questions.

What's included in Advanced PokerDom Converter?

Automatic poker table search. Advanced PokerDom Converter finds poker tables automatically and adds HUDs support. For switching HUDs off, please remove checkbox from the corresponding poker table. If HUDs EMULATOR is switched off, then table list will not be displayed, converter works as dataminer.

Hands Log. All hands which were catched by Advanced PokerDom Converter, will be kept in HANDS LOG. If during the conversion any error occurs, poker hand will be kept to the error database, which can be sent to the support team.

Output. Advanced PokerDom Converter allows you to control total size and status of OUTPUT DIRECTORY. Any file system change, saved hands number and the total amount of data can be found in OUTPUT tab of Session Monitor.

Local Database. All hands which were catched by Advanced PokerDom Converter, will be kept in local database and can be exported anytime in accordance with actual converter settings. If you want to change parameters of the conversion (OUTPUT FORMAT, PLAYER NAME SUFFIX, STACK/STAKES COEFF), please proceed to Menu:Database, choose your converter settings and press Export. The obtained result can be imported to tracker, continuing to use Advanced PokerDom Converter with new settings.

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Why do I need a converter if Poker Tracker 4 or Holdem Manager 2 in other networks or rooms work without them?

The need for a separate converter is caused by a special hand history format in which PokerDom save hands. This format is different from Pokerstars\888 and other networks where trackers work without additional tools. If PokerDom is not used, statistics and HUD Poker Tracker 4\ Holdem Manager 2\ Hand2Note will not be displayed at the tables.

Does the converter have a trial period?

Yes, Advanced PokerDom Converter has a free trial. It works without time limits. All functionality works as usual: updates, automatic table search, gaming session monitor, HUDs. The only feature of the trial version is that when the hands of PokerDom are saved to disk, the names of opponents are anonymized.

To use the free version, just download the converter from the link.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 (noVM x64/x32);
  • Google Chrome (recommended);
  • 35-40 MB of free disk space w/o database;
  • Relatively modern PC.

What needs to be configured in the Converter for correct operation?

Advanced PokerDom Converter contains several options that need to be configured:

Output Directory. Folder for converted hands is the most important parameter for correct work of HUDs. This folder must be added to tracker's list of auto import. All converted hands will be saved here, and tracker will import them automatically.

Output Format. Format of the converted hands. PokerStars format is chosen by default, but you can also choose any other format, which is supported by tracker, and, possibly, it will allow to use additional functions, like NoteCaddy etc. For example, WPN (Winning Poker Network) format does not have any restrictions on NoteCaddy stats.

Player Name Suffix. It is parameter, which allows you to avoid the intersection of nicknames in the tracker database. If OUTPUT FORMAT is set to PokerStars, tracker reasonably believes that files in OUTPUT DIRECTORY are hands from PokerStars and it mixes statistics with real PokerStars players if their nicknames are the same. Please add the nicknames suffix to avoid intersection.

Stack/Stakes Coeff. Stacks and bets will be multiplied on this coefficient during the conversion. Poker sites can use currency which will be different than currency which is supported by OUTPUT FORMAT (for example Chinese Yuan, Russian Rubles, Swedish Crowns etc). For adducting poker site’s native currency to USD, please use currency coefficient.

Some rounding errors are possible when coefficient <1, but Advanced PokerDom Converter will ensure that poker hand remains correct from poker rules point of view.

Timezone shift. Displacement of the session time relative to the local time. If session time is displayed in the tracker wrong, please tune this parameter.

HUDs Emulator. Adds HUDs support to poker tables. If this parameter is switched off, converter works as data miner, just saving converted hands to OUTPUT DIRECTORY.

How to set up a converter for Holdem Manager 3 (2)?

  • In the main window of HM2 please choose "Site Setup"
  • In the next window "Site Settings" please choose poker site which matches OUTPUT FORMAT from the list of poker sites (by default it is PokerStars).
  • Please press + under "Auto Import Folders" list.
  • In the next window please press ... and choose the folder which matches OUTPUT DIRECTORY.

How to set up a converter for PokerTracker 4?

  • In the main window, under the list "Poker Sites & Networks" please press "Configure". You can skip any pop-up dialogs.
  • In the window "Import Configuration", in the list of poker sites, please choose poker site which matches OUTPUT FORMAT from poker sites list (by default it is PokerStars).
  • Press Add under "Directories Configuration".
  • Please choose folder which matches OUTPUT DIRECTORY, be sure that it shows up in the list then press "OK" in "Import Configuration" window.

How to set up a converter for Hand2Note?

  • In the left-up corner of Hand2Note window please press and choose "Configuration" F12.
  • In the left list please choose "Autoimport".
  • Press + ADD FOLDER.
  • Choose folder which matches OUTPUT DIRECTORY, be sure that it shows up in the list.

Settings client room for correct operation Advanced PokerDom Converter

Please ensure that English is selected in the PokerDom client.

How to contact the developers of Advanced PokerDom Converter?

 If you face conversion errors or program critical failure, please immediately contact our Support Team. Operator will ask you to provide bug report. Please open Menu: Bug Report and press Create. The software will collect information about errors, program logs, crash dumps and create bug report zip archive, please send it to support team:

Skype: live:advancedpokertools;


Bug reports doesn’t contain any private information, you can always investigate the archive before sending.

What diciplines and types of poker does Advanced PokerDom Converter support?

Advanced PokerDom Converter supports:

  • cash tables;
  • MTT;
  • Sit&Go.

Can I transfer my license if I have a new computer?

Licenses for 1 month or less are not transferable, so be careful. Licenses for a period more than 1 month are transferred, but only once. If it is found that the old key (Master Key) is being used, then both the old and the new keys are banned.

How can I pay Advanced PokerDom Converter?

You can buy license Advanced PokerDom Converter with WebMoney, Neteller, PayPal, and other payment systems from us, try Advanced PokerDom Converter for free and get a discount on the next purchase.

Configuring the converter for Holdem Manager 3
Configuring the converter for PokerTracker 4
Configuring the converter for Hand2Note

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Случайно наткнулся на статью про покерные румы, где HUD запрещен. Очень удивился, что на Покердоме все-таки можно выводить статистику и ХАД на оппонентов. Но опасаюсь его использовать, потому что в тексте прямым текстом написано, что могут забанить. Не подскажите, каким образом использовать этот конвертер так, чтобы не рисковать баном?
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