How to update Flopzilla Pro?


Many poker programs notify you when a fresh version is available. PokerTracker 4 or Holdem Manager 3 do this. Flopzilla Pro equity calculator has no mechanism with automatic updates. Therefore, everything will have to be done manually. We tell you how to properly update the calculator.

How to update Flopzilla Pro to an actual version?

To find out your version of the program, you need to run it. The information is listed in the upper left corner of the start window. Next to the Flopzilla logo.

In our case - it's version 2.1.0. Alternatively, click on the "Help" tab, then go to "About Flopzilla...". In a small box will be information about the version of the software.

Go to the official website of the calculator and go to the "Download" tab.

The current version of the program is indicated inside the big blue button. We have the latest version of Flopzilla Pro, but if you do not, it is easy to update:

1. Click on the blue button "Flopzilla Pro".

2. In the new window you will see a brief description of the updated calculator. We are interested in the "here" button.

3. Choose any of the links to download the calculator. The developer gave you an opportunity to download the software from one of the five different servers. The file weighs 11 MB.

4. Run the downloaded file and follow the installer's recommendations.

Once the installation is complete, simply run Flopzilla Pro. There is no need to confirm the license and re-enter the registration keys.

How to update the old Flopzilla to the Pro version?

The first version of Flopzilla Pro was released on July 12, 2019. During this time, the program has gone through a dozen updates, but is still in beta state. A full-fledged release has not yet arrived. Therefore, some players out of habit use the old version of Flopzilla. If you have decided to switch to Pro, you need to:

1. Go to the official Flopzilla website.

2. Click on the tab "Download".

3. Click on the button "Flopzilla Pro".

4. Select any of the links with the updated calculator.

5. Run the downloaded file and install Flopzilla Pro.

6. Click on the "Register" tab the first time you run it.

7. Request a key using the button "Request new key". Detailed instructions are in a separate material.

Although the updated Flopzilla Pro is still in a late beta, but it has a lot of advantages over the old software. Let's talk about them below.

What are the advantages of Flopzilla Pro compared to the old version?

A full review of Flopzilla Pro innovations was described in the feature article. Here we will briefly go over the main differences.

1. In the new version, they have added scaling. The old calculator looked bad on modern monitors. In the new version, the fonts were enlarged and windows were made elastic for any screen.

2. The calculation speed has increased. Earlier calculations were not delayed for minutes too, but now any calculation has become a matter of seconds.

3. Integration with GTO+. When analyzing banks, you can use both tools at once and consider the situation from all sides.

Old version of the software

New version of the software

4. Multipot analysis. In the regular version of the calculator, we always assumed that we were playing HU-bank. Flopzilla Pro provides situations where there are more than 2 opponents in the hand.

5. Visual tools. Earlier, players had only Hotness, but now we added to the calculator an equity matrix, hand strength diagram and equity graph. All this allows to work comprehensively on strategy and to memorize the information not only in the form of words, but also in the form of images.
6. Languages option. The old knew only English, but the new was taught Spanish, Chinese and Russian. More information in "Where can I find the Spanish version of FZ?".

7. Dark Theme. Those who like to work in the dark will also benefit from the dark theme, which will allow you to fall asleep better after analyzing handouts.

Calculator with active dark mode

This is not the whole list of innovations. You can evaluate the calculator by yourself - all users are given a free trial version for 7 days. Download Flopzilla Pro from the official site. You do not need to buy an updated version separately - by buying FZ you get a license for both the old and new calculators.

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