Does Flopzilla have a Spanish version?


On the market of poker software, the equity calculator Flopzilla was released in 2009. Within a few months, the program for analyzing the boards conquered the poker community. Over the past 13 years, FZ has had some strong competitors, but the calculator is still far ahead. Any qualified trainer recommends buying Flopzilla for his students at the first session.

Despite all the advantages of the software, it had some disadvantages. The most tangible of these was the absence of any languages except English. Has this problem been solved now and has Flopzilla learned Spanish?

Does Flopzilla even have a Spanish version?

The original Flopzilla did not have a language selection option. During the decade of support, many additions and corrections were made. But the new languages were not added. The last update to v1.8.6 was made in May 2019. It turns out that the calculator still does not have a Spanish version.

The statement from the previous paragraph is only partially true. Yes, indeed, the classic Flopzilla has only English language. But in the summer of 2019 the developers released a beta version of Flopzilla Pro. This is a more advanced and modern version of the equity calculator. A comparison of Flopzilla Pro with its predecessor is available in a separate article. But we are only interested in the March update of Flopzilla Pro, which finally added Spanish to the calculator. The interface is now available in Spanish.

How to get Flopzilla Pro?

Unlike other poker software developers, the creator of FZ is very loyal to customers. This manifests itself in:

  • The price of the calculator. The sum of $25 for a lifetime license is affordable even for NL2 players. For a similar in functionality program - Power-Equilab, the developer is asking $42. And this is the fee for an annual subscription, which you will have to pay further.
  • Flopzilla Pro is free. There is no extra charge to upgrade to the new version - it is available for free to all license holders of the old Flopzilla. If you have a license, just download Flopzilla Pro from the official developer's website. Next, request a key and specify it in the "Register" tab.

Here you can also download an old version of the equity calculator

There is a chance that at the end of the beta test, the price of Flopzilla Pro will increase. In a similar situation, prudent Holdem Manager 3 users have saved a lot. All HM2 owners who licensed HM2 after January 1, 2017 were entitled to a free upgrade to HM3 within 30 days from the release of the new version. Other users of HM2 licenses were given a 25% discount for upgrading to HM3 within a year. So it makes sense to buy Flopzilla now - it will cost more afterwards.

How to change the language in Flopzilla Pro?

Changing the language in the calculator is very easy - here's what to do:

1. Launch the program.

2. Click on the icon with the UK flag.

3. Select the Spanish language from the list.

The job is done - the entire interface and tabs of Flopzilla are translated into Spanish.

There is an alternative way to switch the language:

1. After starting the calculator, go to the "Settings" tab.

2. In the list click on "Choose different language".

3. Select Spanish.

You do not need to do this every time you start - the program saves your choice, and when you start FZ you will get the Spanish interface.

Why is Flopzilla so good?

The popularity of Flopzilla among the users is not only because it was released earlier than its competitors. It is a combination of three factors:

  • Functionality. Even in the year 2022, few programs can boast of so many tools for analyzing handouts. Flopzilla has long been more than just a software that shows how a range hits the flop. Every year it has been refined and improved. Charts, an equity chart and matrix, a scale with runouts - all of this develops players' thinking and prepares them for any opponent's actions.
  • Convenience. At the time of release, FZ offered users not only a set of tools, but also comfort. Flopzilla can be compared to the first iPhone. Steve Jobs did not invent something fundamentally new - all the features of the iPhone, in one form or another, already existed in other smartphones. But he brought them to perfection in one device and revolutionized them. The same can be applied to the equity calculator, which is easy to use because all the tools are concentrated in one place.
  • Price. In a couple of weeks of active training, the program will pay back its entire cost. A full-fledged poker tracker costs $100, a year's license for iPoker Tools will cost you $30. And here it's only $25 for a lifetime license to FZ.

Integration with GTO+, handy filters, the ability to export and import hands, saving ranges, and a dark theme are just some of the extra features of Flopzilla.

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