5 ways to teach yourself to fold


A kind of continuation of the previous article about this complex button "Fold". We recommend that you familiarize yourself with it in order to understand the full significance of the benefits of its use. And also to clearly define why it is sometimes so incredibly difficult to throw your hand into the pass. So how can we train ourselves without hasty decisions and find this useful button in a timely manner? We offer you 5 ways out of a difficult situation.

1. Register a reminder in HUD \ Pop-up

Non-standard use of poker software for collecting and analyzing statistics, but why not? A line in the HUD of your Poker Tracker 4\Holdem Manager 2, containing the strict prescription "Wait for 8-10 seconds before making each decision", in some cases can increase your bankroll as well as some complicated paid HUD. Only such an appeal to oneself is desirable to make as specific as possible. The text in the style of "Do not make hasty decisions" will be much less effective.

2. Ask aloud the question: "Is there a fold here?"

Yes, in most situations the answer will be obvious. On the flop of a 72Kr overbet with 64o, we hardly ever call in our right mind. As well as we will not throw away the cares of aces at three big bets. What is important here is not the concrete hand, but the habit of being in a state of awareness and considering every action, avoiding automatic decisions. Even considering the option of folding in the hand - an acquired skill that requires a lot of hard work.

3. Specially spend time bank with every decision

Highlight several sessions and work this element well. We recommend to reduce the number of playable tables. This will allow you to keep up and all the surrounding opponents will not have time to hate you for regularly delaying time. Many players make the same mistakes over the years, because they are used to making decisions automatically. They even developed a corresponding habit - the habit of NOT thinking before committing an action at the poker table. If we take a closer look at the situation, it seems unnatural when the player neglects the time for reflection and mindlessly presses the buttons. However, this is the real face of a large number of players. For some of them, it is a barrier that blocks the way up.

4. The sticker on the monitor\other prominent place

The essence of the technique is completely identical with  first way, but on paper. Take and stick a tape or a sticker directly on the screen with tape. Its content should be short and biting. Remember that periodically the place and the text will have to change - the brain gets used and gradually begins to unconsciously ignore its own recommendations.

5. Before starting thinking, put the mouse cursor on “Fold”

Another way to erect a mental barrier is not to make automatic decisions. Distribution has begun, you immediately hover the mouse on the “Fold” button in the active table window and then start thinking about your overall distribution plan and specific action. This will allow, if you do not move the general paradigm of being, then at least force you to press Call at the last moment less often and Fold more often.

An alternative option is to configure hotkeys in the auxiliary poker program. StarsCaption, 888Caption, PartyCaption, iPoker Tools, WPN Tools - they all allow you to hang on Fold a specific mouse button or keyboard, one press of which will lead to an instant fold. Just put your finger over it and then start a thoughtful thought process.


If we summarize the above information, then the resolution of the problem with the reluctance to throw away cards in a pass lies in getting rid of instant, mindless, automatic behavior. It is possible that the problem will not be resolved in a short time or not all methods are applicable in your case. Nevertheless, attentive work on the face and the systematic use of techniques will allow you to soon feel the improvement, and eventually - to completely eradicate the annoying problem. Very bad for your bankroll and your belief in yourself and your abilities.