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HUSNG CoffeeHUD is a HUD designed specifically for poker players who prefer heads up Sit'n'Go tournaments (i.e., 1 in 1). In addition, it is great for any head-up situations in sit-and-go tournaments, such as Spin and Go, MTT or 6-max HyperTurbo.

Coffee HUD was developed by a successful Heads-up coach and professional player Coffeeyay in cooperation with the user of the well-known 2 + 2 forum butitswrong.

Key features:

  • color-marking of key statistics on opponents
  • Nash-chart as a pop-up
  • convenient statistics location, everything is at hand
  • more than 50 stats

HUSNGs have many different situations where the statistics that should be separated specific and not part of a more general statistic. The CoffeeHUD focuses on splitting up stats into their pure parts--preflop stats are split by effective stacks; post flop stats depend on whether the pot is limped, raised, or 3b, and are split according to postflop action street by street; and shoves are separated from regular bets preflop. All of this is done to give you a clear and accurate picture of your villains’ frequencies in every situation.

 This HUD is intended solely for use with PokerTracker 4. Soon we will add a version for Holdem Manager 2.

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