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The WPN Tools software allows you to make the grind at the multiple poker tables as comfortable as possible. Winning Poker Network has long and deservedly have a reputation oriented, above all, to play huge distances by poker players for decent rakeback and big prizes in rake races. In a situation of the highest competition and very dense opposition from opponents, it is necessary to look for any opportunities to maximize value.

WPN Tools Lite will make the difference. Naturally, the acceleration and simplification of multi-tabling will have a positive effect on the distance and increasing rakeback. Conversion of stacks into big blinds, automatic table placement on the monitor screen, customizable betboxes - all this makes WPN Tools light, if not unconditionally obligatory, then strongly recommended to all regular online poker players. The functionality of the program also includes:

  • Chips to big blinds conversion;
  • A HUD, showing the pot odds in a particular situation, the effective stack size, time at the table and many other game parameters;
  • Coloring table frame when your time to act comes;
  • Assigning hotkeys on the mouse and keyboard;
  • Increase or decrease font size and changing font type;
  • Turning off the chat and dialog boxes, allowing you not to be distracted from the game session.

When using the program there is no need to create a database or install third-party programs. Enough only poker client room Winning Poker Network. WPN Tools is compatible and works correctly on Windows 7,8,10.

The program is fully allowed for use in the poker rooms of the Winning Poker Network.

You can use WPN Tools for free, without limitations on functionality, for 31 days from the moment of registration of the demo version on your computer. In order to start the trial period of use you must first download the program from the developer's site - download. Next, when you first start the program, when you see the login and password input window, you need to enter «‎demo»:

If you want to purchase a license for the first time, then when you pay for the order in our shop, you will need to enter in the corresponding field only your email address - the login and password will come there, by entering which you will activate the license for a period of 1 year. One pair "login-password" works only once!

If you need to renew the license, specify your login, which is saved in the Login.txt file, when placing the order. It is located in the folder where the program is installed.

If you change your PC or laptop, then you need to re-activate the license. To do this, send an email to with the subject "WPN Tools Lite reset activation" and specify a login (stored in the Login.txt file). In the reply letter will confirm the reset activation.

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