Poker odds and equity calculators


Modern poker requires players to have not only outstanding psychological stability, but also not weak theoretical training. The ability to instantly evaluate the opponent’s playing diapasone, his actions, correlate the structure of the board with the expected cards of your opponents - all this is achieved with dozens, or even hundreds of hours of working in poker equity calculators. There are not so many poker calculators, below we will briefly go through the most popular of them.

1. Equity poker calculators offline:

2. Equity poker calculators online:

3. Poker calculators to help you calculate during the game:

4. Online Poker Calculators for Omaha

Flopzilla and Flopzilla Pro



Flopzilla is a great tool for those who want to boost their skills post-flop games. The program shows the probability of hitting into the flop of different ranges of hands, and also shows the chances of improve your hand on subsequent streets. The program supports both cash games and tournaments, and also has a built-in equity calculator. Using Flopzilla, you quickly learn to think in ranges and make better decisions postflop. Flopzilla Pro has recently been released, which offers its users more options and is adapted for modern devices. At the same time, buying Flopzilla, you get Flopzilla Pro for free!

Technical Details:

  • Flopzilla price: $25
  • period of using Flopzilla free (trial period): 7 days
  • lifetime license
  • free to use on two devices
  • there is a key reset functionality if you change your laptop or PC
  • there are additions in the form of HoldEQ (expands the possibilities of working with ranges) and Flopzilla Pro (an improved and more modern version of Flopzilla)

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Power-Equilab is an advanced equity calculator from the developers of the famous Equilab. The program is designed to combine the best features of other poker equity calculators and analytical tools in one application. Unlike the free Equilab, Power-Equilab has an incredible amount of additional features that are simply impossible to describe in this review.

Technical details:

  • Power-Equilab Price: $5
  • period of using Power-Equilab free (trial period): 14 days
  • license type: monthly subscription. When paying for a subscription immediately for a year, you save 30%
  • free to use on two devices
  • Power-Equilab key reset, if you changed your laptop or PC, occurs through a request to the developer
  • there are no additions, but the program itself is regularly updated and gets new features

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Which is better: Flopzilla or Power-Equilab?

It is difficult to unequivocally answer this question. Rather, it is a matter of personal preference. If you started your learning with similar programs with the free Equilab, then it will be easier for you to delve into the Power-Equilab interface.

Functionally, Power-Equilab and Flopzilla are not particularly different from each other. Power-Equilab has more specific functions and integrations, but they may be needed to solve some non-standard tasks. The basic functionality of both programs is enough to solve basic queries.

There is a significant difference in pricing policy. For Flopzilla, you pay once and get a program for life, and Power-Equilab requires a monthly renewal of the subscription.

Flopzilla and Power-equilab are strictly prohibited for use during the game. However, this applies to any program of this kind. If you run a poker equity calculator at the same time as Pokerstars (for example), be prepared for the fact that in the very near future you will receive a warning about the inadmissibility of using poker calculators online during the game.

CombCalc6Plus (short deck poker (6+Holdem) calculator)​

​ ​

Combcalc6Plus - it is the only short-deck poker calculator currently available, the so-called Holdem 6+ or SixPlus Holdem. This is a version of Texas Hold'em, but with a deck of 36 cards, from six to ace.

This poker calculator for 6+ Hold'em does not have as many functions as the calculators for standard Texas Hold'em, presented above, however, this program has appeared relatively recently and the developers are working hard to fill CombCalc6Plus with the maximum number of useful tools.

Technical details:

  • Price CombCalc6Plus: $50
  • period of using CombCalc6Plus free (trial period): 30 days
  • license type: 1 year subscription
  • free to use on two devices
  • key reset CombCalc6Plus, if you changed your laptop or PC, occurs through a request to the developer

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Free Poker Equity Calculators Online

There are many free poker online calculators online. All of them have almost the same functionality and, of course, this functionality is as simple as possible. Calculate equity, knowing your hand and the hand of your opponent (s): this is all that is available in free poker equity calculators.

Free online equity calculator (1st link)

Free Equity Calculator Online (2nd link)

Holdem Indicator​

Holdem Indicator can be used during the game. What can this program do?

  • instant calculation of pot odds and number of outs
  • shows you the best possible combination you can have
  • shows statistics on opponents, updated in real time,
  • bet size predefines
  • and much more in a clear and understandable interface

Using this multi-functional poker calculator online, you will instantly receive all the information for making optimal, and most importantly profitable decisions.

Also pay attention to online poker calculators from the same series:

iHoldem Indicator - for computers on macOS

Tournament Indicator - online poker calculator for tournaments

Omaha Indicator



Omaha Indicator - officially approved by PokerStars, an online poker calculator for Omaha.

  • works with Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit and Omaha Hi/Lo, cash games and tournaments
  • support for over 300 poker rooms
  • shows the strength of the starting hand and the potential of the hand according to the Hutchinson system
  • YOU HAVE THE NUTS! Alarm that you currently have the strongest combination of all possible
  • during the game calculates the exact number of odds for winning, pot odds and the number of outs for the desired combination
  • has an easy to use and understandable HUD (Head-Up Display) with statistics on opponents
  • built-in replayer
  • showing cards mucks by opponents




The program is intended for beginners and experienced players. From the starting hand, NiceHandOmaha calculates the percentage of the spectre in which this hand appears, which allows you to understand the value of your starting hand in Omaha.

On the following streets, the program considers equity against a random hand on the current street and on the river, displays the number of outs per straight and higher, determines the number of possible straights taking into account blocking by Hero cards.

Program “sees” the starting hand and board cards, makes calculations on them and displays them in the HUD panel (from the English Head-Up Display). In total, during the game, the program displays 4 HUDs in Omaha Hi and the same in Hi-Lo.

The program is intended to be used while playing at PokerStars and is included in the list of approved programs for use.​​