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We have already reviewed most important poker programs, now let's talk about other interesting tools that are worth a look. On our site you can find all kinds of software from poker odds calculators to hand replayers. All of them have detailed description with a list of features and screenshots. Below we will tell you about several other programs that may interest you.

Leak Buster 2 - is the latest and most useful poker program that can even find the tiniest leaks in your game and help eradicate them. More than just stat analysis, Leak Buster analyzes your whole poker game. By comparing your online poker hands and data to tens of millions of hands from winning online players, Leak Buster looks for over 465+ potential leaks in your game – all in minutes.

Tilt Breaker - a poker program that helps to control the tilt. Every poker player sooner or later faces the tilt, but not everyone can control it. It have rage quit button, app blocker function, stop loss and bankroll management tools. Tilt Breaker will let you control your tilt, your losses and play only in optimal, concentrated state. And this can save you a decent amount of money at long distance.

Sharkscope is a popular online service for tournament players. You can open your stats, or view the statistics of other players. You can see detailed history of games and tournament played, build graphs and use a variety of filters. The ability to know enemy results before you sit down at the same table is difficult to overestimate, and if you sell or buy shares, this tool is simply must-have.

PokerSnowie is an advanced poker software based on artificial intelligence, with a lot of tools to train and improve your poker skills. The intuitive interface will help you become a stronger player and at the same time enjoy unobtrusive trainings, quickly improve your level of play and avoid disappointment with mistakes in a real game. Let all your failures and badly played hands remain during training with PokerSnowie! He will not only forgive them for you, but also tell you what exactly was done wrong and how to avoid such mistakes in the future.


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