How to determine a weak player without using stats?
How to determine a weak player without using stats?
You do not know how to find fish at the table? Here is a guide on how to make it as easy as possible.
The bell has also rung for TableScan Turbo - a new ban from Pokerstars
Now absolutely all select programs are prohibited for use on Pokerstars.
200 billion hand - Pokerstars jubilee celebration
The leader of online poker has pleased its customers with new promotions dedicated to the raffle of incredible 200 billion hands played during the entire existence of the poker room
Partypoker: Powerfest completion, PP Live $$$ leaderboard, doubts on MILLIONS
Review the latest news from the PartyPoker camp
New client 888 - now available to the masses
Meet "Poker 8" - the code name of the new software for playing poker at 888 Poker
Chico did not cancel the HUD - you just thought!
Regulars of the Chico network can sleep in peace - such software as converters and poker trackers will not be prohibited. At least for now.
Pokerstars finally prohibits seating scripts
Crazy queues at the tables led to a complete ban on scripts for a quick fit.
Sunday Million KO success and farewell to nanonoko
How was the first Sunday Million KO and the departure of the legendary grinder from the team of Pokerstars
No time to explain: partypoker is in a hurry to get rid of the HUD
Ban on helping software at Partypoker promise to introduce literally next week!