Pokerstars: SCOOP-2019, new disciplines and new software


The May holidays in no way affected the activity of the flagship of the online gambling world: this month, one of the most significant tournament series in the history of online poker, SCOOP-2019, will be held at Pokerstars. Another important area of ​​activity of the poker giant is experimenting with the format of card disciplines and finding new solutions. It is impossible to pass by the announced software change of the Pokerstars client.


The largest tournament series of the spring, both online and offline. Generous Pokerstars has prepared $ 75,000,000 for everyone to try their luck in the tournament grinder. At least one tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of one million dollars is expected daily. The race for the huge prize money will begin on May 12 and will last for two weeks. More information about this holiday from Pokerstars for all fans of major tournament events can be found in a separate newsletter dedicated exclusively to this series.

Experimenting with formats

Despite the still high popularity of No Limit Texas Hold'em, many poker rooms are constantly looking for innovative formats that can attract new players or even provoke a second poker boom. Perhaps, Pokerstars is one of the forerunners of the raccoon-hippopotamus crossing movement. Over the past couple of years, the “killers of Hold'em” have swept through the poker sky like a kaleidoscope: Power up, Split Holdem, Showtime Holdem, Fusion, Showtime Omaha, 6+ Holdem.

Perhaps the Stars should hold a special quiz dedicated to their creative solutions and reward those devoted unique ones who could recall without prompting what the essence of each of these games was. Nevertheless, while the result of these experiments is the same - all games have sunk into oblivion and were cut out of the lobby of the Pokerstars poker client.

The only pleasant exception was poker with a short deck, aka 6+ Holdem, which has been courageously holding its positions in the Pokerstars client for more than 3 months. Now the managers of Stars have changed their tactics and shoved the forgotten formats into the tournament shell: Fusion, Showtime Holdem, Showtime Omaha and 6+ Holdem are now available as tournament disciplines. Most likely, they will suffer the same fate as in cash games before. Once again, the exception will be short deck poker, which is increasingly in demand offline tournaments.

Software update already in autumn!

All the more surprising is the news about the upcoming launch of a new engine codenamed "Aurora". Tests are already underway on a Portuguese reservation (part of Europula Pokerstars). While it is possible to focus on higher resolution, some cosmetic differences in appearance and replacement of sound effects. It is obvious that the Starzov management has chosen an evolutionary version of its software development and will avoid sudden movements that could discourage loyal users and draw attention to competing operators.

These minor changes will be followed by more global ones - the ability to more quickly update the client, add new functions. Tight integration of gaming tables with the Pokerstars poker school is expected. Maybe they will add mother-of-pearl chests, what the hell is not kidding?

What about the software in the new client?

The biggest question from regular players about software updates is pretty obvious: "Will poker programs like DriveHUD, Holdem Manager 2 or StarsHelper be completely banned?" This question is still frozen in the air and no clear answer has been sounded. During those few days of testing the new client among Portuguese poker fans, it was noted that it was impossible to use the auxiliary poker software. But so far this is associated with inevitable problems when launching a new platform, both from the updated client and from the poker programs that have not yet been adjusted to the new product.