PokerOK and GGNetwork reduce the number of tables!


Starting October 1, 2019, all GGNetwork poker rooms have a limit on the number of simultaneously played cash tables to 4. You do not need to be Socrates to understand - this measure was taken with an eye to the experience of Pokerstars, where they did the same on August 20.

At Pokerstars, traffic was reduced slightly after this decision, but then slow growth followed. Another piece of evidence from the poker community. This time there were not even large-scale attempts at protests. All quietly swallowed the innovation. PokerOK and other network rooms found themselves in an ideal situation - the restriction was already run on PS and it turned out to be extremely successful.

On behalf of the leadership of GGNetwork, there were words on duty about caring for poker ecology. It is anticipated that the loss of regular mult-table player players will be easily compensated by attracting new recreational players. There are real purposes for such calculations - promotions on PokerOK and other network showcases really look very attractive (against the background of competitors' offers).

Professional players can only sympathize and improve multirooming skills. It is easy to guess that the rest of the poker rooms and networks will limit the number of tables. You can search in this unpleasant solution for your advantages:

  • Complicating life for botanists. Creating or buying a program with artificial intelligence, which will bring in 5-6 less profit than before, will become economically much less profitable.
  • Grind lovers will begin to work on their game and will go up by limits.
  • Weak players will be at the tables more in percentage terms.
  • It will be easier to take a seat at a good table.

In such a situation, it remains only to recommend paying attention to poker software that improves your skills outside the gaming tables. Simple GTO Trainer, Pokersnowie and Power-Equilab - all pump your skill outside the tables and have trial free versions. For each purchase, we give bonus points that make the following acquisitions more profitable!