Partypoker punishes bots and teases changes


Weeding Partypoker's lands

The perseverance shown by Partypoker in the fight against bots and foul play deserves respect. Recall the activities of the poker room, in the field of protecting the rights of players in the previous months:

  • March - 277 accounts were banned, confiscated and returned more than $ 750,000 to injured players;
  • April - 94 downed bots, $170,000 withdrawn and distributed between ethical and honest users.    

In May, the number of blocked accounts turned out to be identical to the answer to “The main question of life, the Universe and all that” - “42” (yes, the entire editorial board of the Pokerenergy intergalactic portal certainly got acquainted with “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”). Selected from the adversaries and $ 50,000 in favor of the righteous.

Should we assume, based on the reduction in the number of crooks caught and the money taken from them, that the Partypoker security service has begun to tinker and stay idle? In no case! On the contrary, one gets the impression of an increased level of transparency and ethics within the gaming community of the poker room. And the falling figures show, on the one hand, a significant thinning of the rows of fraudsters in previous months, on the other hand, all those who did not fall, rushed to leave the dangerous waters. Yes, the second option does not allow to expect compensation for the victims, but Partypoker’s main goal was still achieved - the crooks left the pool of players and made the ecosystem healthier.

Changes require our hearts: more than 50 innovations in 9 months

A few days ago we already reported on the inevitable changes that will be introduced on Party already on June 17. But the forced change of nicks and the prohibition to use the HUD guide of the poker room is not going to stop. The next step may be the game under your real name for all high-limit players. No more OMGClayAiken hoping to mislead opponents with your ridiculous nickname at the table. The calculation is simple - playing at the tables under your real names will increase the level of confidence in the poker room and its rivals from the recreational player. It’s one thing to play HU against your opponent with a nickname consisting of numbers and symbols, and quite another is a standoff with some kind of “Ganna_Kalacheva”. In addition to introducing a bit of humanity into online poker, a more prosaic goal is pursued - weak players will be more pleased to pay for the opportunity to clash with a well-known player outside Partypoker and online. To some extent, this policy of openness is already being implemented with the help of Homegame, where members of Team Online Partypoker play in tournaments (with a small buy-in) against regular users.

Do you want to continue to play at Party, but you are reasonably afraid of a drop in your level of play without the use of poker programs? Or do not want to leave the native poker room, but are afraid of the stagnation of the level of the game without analyzing your own hands, saved by the tracking software? There are other ways to improve your game, even without studying the history of hands. Ace Poker Drills - a simulator that can improve your game in three areas:

  • Preflop decision optimization;
  • The calculation of the equity of a particular hand against the range of the opponent
  • Counting pot odds and outs.

Some functions of the poker program are absolutely free. You can use the equity calculator and the bank’s odds / odds simulator at any time (except, directly, playing sessions at the poker tables).

PokerSnowie is a more comprehensive software that allows you to work out a huge number of situations at the poker table. Playing in late positions, barreling situations, defense of the blinds - you set the necessary conditions yourself and play a regular session against a skilled artificial intelligence. After the wrong draw, the poker program will show your face and give recommendations on how to eliminate it. A 10 day free trial is available.