Partypoker gives 500,000$ in a couple of clicks


Partypoker again assures everyone of the final and irrevocable ban on helping poker programs. In addition, the unexpected outcome of the Patioker KO Series tournament series was the new image of the poker room - the image of the patron of the world of online gambling.

Party again banned poker software

Even for not the longest period of active coverage of the poker world by the intergalactic portal, youcan observe a curious chronology:

  • March 15 for the first time sounded the loud news about the ban on tracking software on. The term of entry into force of restrictions is 9-12 months;
  • April 28 - the term has dramatically moved and now the count goes on for weeks;  
  • A week later, one of the managers of the poker room announced the termination of support for third-party software right after the end of the tournament series.

The new hour X is scheduled for June 17th. On this day, a global Partypoker software update will occur. In addition to the inability to use the programs for collecting and analyzing statistics, you will have to say goodbye to your nickname. After the upgrade, the poker client will force you to choose another nickname first. Old can not be selected. You can not choose your old nickname, but for some random player - you can.

In honor of this momentous event, Partypoker prepared and promoting in the form of the “Alias ​​Race” promotion: immediately after logging in to your account and the subsequent change of nickname, you will automatically be given a click-card. Metaphorically rubbing it, you can become the owner of such prizes:


  • 10,000 in cash;
  • 1000 in cash;
  • 100 in cash;
  • 50 frog skins;
  • Tickets for Spins for 5;
  • Freeroll ticket with a prize pool of $ 10,000.

You do not need to be seven hedgehogs in your forehead to live in anticipation of a ticket to a freeroll.

It will also be possible to get additional click cards every hour. They will be available to everyone 24 hours: from 11:00 on June 17 to 11:00 on June 18. The condition of receipt is to play 10 cents of rake in a tournament or cash game. Prizes are similar to the above.

The third step of this unprecedented festival of generosity Patipoker - special freerolls, which will be held 5:

Prohibiting the use of HUD carries both disadvantages and advantages. One thing is for sure - the number of near-zero players will decrease sharply. And that means the very time to open the fish hunting season. And so that without a tracker you do not go on the battlefield disarmed and in only one Ports - we strongly recommend that you increase your poker skill. One of the best solutions to the prohibition of statistics will be training against the artificial intelligence of the PokerSnowie program: playing poker against a qualified bot will allow you to identify weaknesses and faces that, with due diligence and dedication, you can turn into your strengths.

Partypoker Poker Charity

A curious result of the recently completed KO Series tournament series were numerous overlays that took place during almost all the gaming days of the two-week holiday of MTT players. For 62 tournaments, the total shortfall in buy-ins was slightly less than $ 1,000,000. Quite a lot of money, even for a poker giant like Partypoker. It is necessary to pay tribute to the poker room - they did not make unpopular steps in the form of cuts in guarantees or cancellation of part of tournaments, but simply left everything as it is, even if it was at a loss. Most of the overlay occurred on the first day of the tournament; The tournament with a buy-in of $ 320 was especially notable - there was a shortage of players costing Party $ 200,000. In contrast - the latest KO Series tournaments were not noted with overlays and were successful. It is possible that the leadership Partypoker worth a little earlier to announce the dates of their tournament series, and such an incident could have been completely avoided.

The Partypoker management, however, is quite satisfied with the results of a series with progressive knockouts, and has announced the cost of the overlay as marketing costs. How much truth is in this, and how much bravado we will find out later when the guarantee of a new major tournament series is announced. This week, Partypoker conducts the Monster Series micro-limit series with a total guaranteed prize pool of $ 2,500,000. It is possible that here the players can count to a little more benefit than planned by the poker room. If you want to try your luck in the tournaments on the Party, then we recommend to get a subscription to Sharkscope, which will allow you to significantly improve your results by getting new information about your opponents at the gaming table.