PokerOK and the rest of GGNetwork added a new limit


GGnetwork poker network is not only the largest network according to experts from GGnetwork, but is also famous for innovative software solutions. The latest significant innovations are Bubble Protection and Smart Betting. But also the largest poker series No. 2 is held at PokerOK. Do not forget about the regular news about the closure of accounts of bumhunters, who are also not able to leave the poker community indifferent.

In September, no breakthrough decisions were made in the poker client. But the developers from GGnetwork finally introduced the NL5 limit. This news will please newcomers to poker, as it was unprofitable to start immediately with NL10, and no-deposit bonuses in 2019 are reluctant to give out affiliates. Therefore, there is no way to fill 3-4 starting $ 50 until the moment when you begin to understand at least a little how to play. At this rate, someday NL2 will be introduced and all NL2 regulars will leave Pokerstars for the sake of increased rakeback.
In exchange for the addition of NL5, NL100000 tables were removed. They were not very popular. This is what the press release says. Still got rid of all the 9-max tables. The reason is the same - low popularity among players.

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