New Smart Betting Function on GGNetwork


The largest poker network in the world (modest guys) GGnetwork is constantly working to improve its software and client. The last significant milestone (from the point of view of software) was the appearance of an icon that shows not only that you have left and are in a sitout, but also clearly hints that your destination is toilet. Contrary to expectations, the next PokerOK update didn’t give you two obvious options to clarify the purpose of going to the toilet. Instead, GGNetwork has made Smart Betting a novelty for poker clients.

What is smart betting?

Smart Betting - automatic bet size selection in the mobile client of any poker room of the GGNetwork network. The purpose of the innovation is to facilitate the process of choosing the size of bets from a mobile device. One of the key issues when playing poker from a smartphone is the inconvenience of setting the betsizing. Moving the betting slider with your finger is painful. Now any user can activate the "Smart Betting" function in the settings of the mobile version of PokerOK or another GGNetwork room. The new algorithm will allow you to choose the size of the bet based on your previous bet sizing selections. In total, 4 of the most frequently used bets are provided.

If there is not enough information about your favorite bet sizes, then you will be offered a choice of the most popular selections among other players. At the table you will have a choice between using Smart Betting and manually entering bets. It is also possible to disable this function until the next hand.

What is Smart Betting for at PokerOK?

The skeptical player has already wondered: "What is the purpose of Smart Betting, if there was an option to pre-set the size of bets and use them during the game?" The correct answer is: «To entertain recreational players». It's no secret that regular players use the mobile client of any poker room quite infrequently. Fishes or weak players, on the contrary, enjoy playing poker from their smartphones with great pleasure. The more fun and interesting novelties for fans, the more attractive and fun for them becomes poker. The efforts of the leaders of PokerOK and other rooms of the poker network GGNetwork can only be welcomed.

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