Bubble Protection - New Feature in PokerOK Client


A lot of unpleasant situations can arise in MTT: a huge number of participants, poor starting hands, an uncomfortable tournament structure. But perhaps the most unpleasant situation associated with playing in a multi-table tournament is a crash after hours of playing the bubble (last place in front of the pay zone). After such a breakup with the poker tournament, getting rid of the feeling that you are a round loser is incredibly difficult.

In live tournaments, this problem is solved by the so-called "insurance", which consists in returning the buy-in to the participant of the tournament, who flew one step to the prizes. The poker network GGNetwork (including PokerOK) decided to adopt the offline approach and introduced Bubble Protection. Now the crash on the bubble will be perceived a little less painful.

Features of Bubble Protection in GGNetwork tournaments (PokerOK):

• You must register in a poker tournament before it begins (late registration is no longer taken into account and such participants are not subject to insurance);
• Not all tournaments are insured, but only those with a corresponding badge;
• Refund of entry fee is made in tournament or real dollars;
• Insurance does not apply to tournaments with less than 10 participants;
• If there are more than 1000 registrations in MTT, then they immediately protect 3 places before the prize zone; if the number of participants is from 100 to 499, then 2 places are insured; 10-99 - one insurance.

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