MPN returns hand history and is done by Partypoker


A couple of years ago, the Microgaming Poker Network limited poker players to the normal use of their hand histories. Since then, the auxiliary poker software began to work crookedly: only the hands in which the player invested money in the bank were saved. Naturally, regulars suffered from such a decision - you can not rely on incorrect statistics when making decisions. Since then, MPN has begun to steadily decline traffic, and many regular players have chosen to go to more loyal poker rooms and networks.

At the beginning of the year, Partypoker decided to go on the path of banning the use of poker programs. This decision caused a significant resonance. Many people who are interested in poker expected that in the near future, Party will be able to impose a real fight for the players on the industry leader Pokerstars. However, making unpopular decisions and thus causing the outflow of players, the poker war does not win. The ban on programs for collecting and analyzing statistics was shifted several times in the deadlines, and finally, on June 17, restrictive measures came into force.

A significant moment was this day for all former and remnants of current regular Microgaming players. It was on the 17th that one of the leaders of the poker network posted an article in public access, where it recognized as erroneous the decision to refuse the players in their right to receive hand histories. The main result of this repentance is the occurrence of the right of players to request the entire base of played hands from the technical support of MPN. That is, you can again uncover and remove your poker trackers from the mezzanine and raise the level of the game based on the analysis of your own hand history. It is curious that Partypoker players asked the management of the room about such a compromise, but were refused.

Players will be entitled to order from the responsible representatives of the room all the available distribution history, starting in 2013. You can contact no more than once a week. Cards of other players, unfortunately, will not be visible.

Naturally, the miraculous coincidence of two opposite decisions in one day draws attention to itself. However, there is nothing wrong with fair competition between rooms and networks for players. Perhaps, sooner or later, Partypoker will also return the right to hand history to its players, albeit in a truncated form.

Returning the opportunity to analyze the history of played hands is a positive signal for the entire poker community. If earlier regular players of the MPN network had to improve their skills by analyzing random hands played by other players, now they can again learn from their mistakes. You will no longer repeat the same mistakes due to regular measures designed to improve the state of poker ecology. There is no need to leave the usual room, which has a decent rakeback, coupled with a low rake. Get Poker Tracker 4, DriveHud or Holdem Manager 2 right now and improve your poker skills with advanced poker tools to analyze your game. There is no longer a need to endure hardships and degrade without work on your shortcomings and gaps. In poker, development is a production necessity: it is impossible to stand still, since the other players are constantly getting better. In 2019, to climb the limits without painstaking work with the program for collecting and analyzing poker statistics is an incredibly difficult task. Contact our manager and in a few minutes you can start moving to the shining poker peaks.