Hand history is available again for Partypoker players


Partypoker's plan to enslave the world is very difficult. First, they decide not to save hand histories in the readable format. From now using statistics on Partypoker becomes impossible. This causes a flurry of criticism from the players. Some of them just leave Partypoker. Almost half a year has passed and Rob Young decides to return the hand history to players. Is it worth it to enjoy? The answer is not as clear as it seems at first look.

A closer look at the ability to export played hands demonstrates a number of limitations:

  •  You can only download the hand history for the last 40 days of playing at Partypoker;
  • Hand history format cannot be imported into the poker trackers database;
  • Everything is imported in a single text file, and even there is no separation of cash games and tournaments - hands are recorded in chronological order;
  • Nicknames of all players except Hero are anonymous. Instead, we see "Player_1, Player_2" and etc.

As a result, it will more effectively analyze the played hands in the special training section of Partypoker - My Games. The general analysis of the «My Games» options we did a few months ago.

There is also encouraging news for fans of poker software - Rob Young mentioned on Twitter that he had contacted the developers of Holdem Manager 3 and PokerTracker 4. This means that updates will soon be released that will allow poker trackers to import hand history from Partypoker. But anonymity of another players will make this analyze not so effective.

But PartyCaption still works at Partypoker without any problems. And there are no restrictions on the number of tables either. Together, this gives you the opportunity to try PartyCaption for free and increase your profits both from the game and from rakeback at Partypoker.