How to watch a game on 888 Poker via Twitch?


When learning a new language, the most effective technique is complete immersion in the language environment. Reading books, listening to music, watching movies - all this is best done in the language being studied. This approach applies to learning poker as well. One of the best sources of permanent content is the Twitch streaming service. It is there that the official TV channel 888 poker broadcasts.

How to find the 888 Poker channel on Twitch?

On Twitch, the eights channel is called "888pokerTV". Finding it is easy:

1. Go to the twitch website. 2.

Enter "888pokerTV" in the search bar. A pop-up list will appear after specifying "888", you can simply select a channel in it.

Do not confuse with another channel with a similar name. The 888poker247 channel also has an official status, but they broadcast live game and online poker around the clock. To be clear, 888pokerTV has 16,200 subscribers and 888poker247 has 631 subscribers. The numbers change, but the ratio is clear.

3. That's it - now you can watch 888 poker on the Twitch platform. Just start the video and enjoy the content.

You don't need to register to stream to watch it - just log in and watch. In order not to do this procedure all the time, you can open an account. After registration, you will be able to subscribe to the channel and leave comments during broadcasts.

How to find the 888 Poker channel on Youtube?

There will be no big difficulties with finding the official channel of the room on Youtube. Here's what to do:

1. Go to YouTube.

2. Enter "888poker" in the search bar.

3. Press "Enter" on the keyboard or the search icon to the right of the line.

4. Click on the first result and you are on the YouTube channel of eights.

The content on 888 Poker is different from what is shown on Twitch. Posted here:

  • Instructional videos from 888's ambassadors and pros providing advice on preflop strategy, 3-bets, mind games and other aspects of poker.
  • Interviews with famous professionals.
  • Hand analysis from Chris Moorman and other poker stars.
  • Recordings of selected streams.
  • Interactive videos with difficult situations and questions to them.

Introductions of Samantha Abernathy and other new players can also be found on 888

The channel of eights was created on January 26, 2010, but it began to develop only a few years ago. The quality of the content is growing, but in terms of the number of subscribers, 888poker is far behind PokerStars, GGPoker or Winamax.

Top 5 most popular poker channels on Twitch

The Twitch streaming service was launched in 2011, but the most popular poker channels appeared only in 2015-2016. We will not divide the rooms and streamers, but we will give everything in a single list. Here is what the top five looks like on May 16, 2022:

1. LexVeldhuis. Over 300,000 subscribers have subscribed to Team PokerStars professional player Lex Feldhus's channel.

2. PokerStars. Ironically, the room's streams are of less interest than one of its pros on contact. The channel has 293,000 subscribers.

3. PokerStaples. Jamie Staples' partypoker Team Online channel has 153,000 interested people.

Partypoker's successes on Twitch are still ahead of the progress of the room itself against its competitors

4. Spraggy. Another pro from PS has attracted 139,000 subscribers.

5. DnegsPoker. The illustrious Daniel Negreanu is still popular. His adventures as a GGPoker pro are followed by 124,000 people.

From the list above, it is clear that not only 888 Poker TV creates content about the game on Twitch.

What is the benefit of watching poker on Twitch and other platforms?

A popular channel on Twitch gives creators additional income from advertising, partner streams and donations. What's the point of watching poker channels for regular users? Let's highlight a few reasons:

  • Study. Watching a stream of poker from a strong player is less useful than training with a coach or analyzing hands in Flopzilla. But you can’t call it completely meaningless viewing. Some useful thoughts and ideas can be extracted. Streams are especially good for beginners.
  • Entertainment. Interesting hands during the session excite the imagination, but they do not happen often. Parallel viewing of the stream will allow you to cope with boredom and not switch completely to watching a movie or series.
  • Profit. Streams give away prizes or tickets to tournaments. Most often this happens on the broadcasts of ambassadors or poker room professionals. For them, the distribution of prizes from the room is the fulfillment of their obligations under the contract. It's always nice to be in the right place at the right time, especially when it comes to a free ticket to the Sunday Million or The Venom.

Getting a $50-$100 ticket just for the included stream is a great offer

  • Motivation. The popularity of streamers from the world of poker is almost always associated with powerful success. The simplest logic works here: "He could, so I can." Everyone was once a novice player, even streamers with millions in prize money.

Watching 888 Poker TV or Lex Feldhus won't turn you into a top player, but it will create an immersive atmosphere in your favorite game.

How to make playing at 888 Poker more comfortable?

In 2020, 888Poker has consistently released a new mobile application, and then moved the desktop client to the new platform. Playing in the room has become more convenient due to nice layouts and useful functions, such as transferring stacks to big blinds. However, there is a way to increase the efficiency of the playing at 888 Poker even more - use specialized programs. Among them are useful free tools:

1. 888Caption. Auxiliary software for poker, helps to get rid of a number of routine actions at the tables.

This number of settings looks scary, but many of them are made by default and you do not need to change anything there

Converts stacks to big blinds, saves betting profiles, assigns hotkeys, arranges tables on the monitor screen, displays the built-in HUD, changes fonts and their size. The program is free up to NL10 inclusive and in tournaments up to $3. You can download 888Caption from our website.

2. Hand2Note. A program that collects all hands into a single database and displays information on opponents online.

The basic version is enough to overcome micro-limits and exploit opponents

The H2N poker tracker not only helps with its HUD, but also serves as a great tool for analysis. In the fall of 2019, the basic version of the program became free. Beginners got the opportunity to use statistics without spending their money. You can download Hand2Note for free from the official website of the program. If you want to upgrade to the advanced version of H2N, then use H2N10NU as a promo code. This will give you a 10% discount on the purchase of any tracker subscription.

Why is it profitable to buy software at PokerEnergy?

For each purchase in our store we accrue bonus points. You can use them on your next purchases instead of money and save. In the "Promotion" section there are unique offers, where for the purchase of some programs we give away others! For example, for an annual subscription to Hand2Note you will get 888Caption for free.

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