How to get Flopzilla and Flopzilla Pro for free?


The level of online poker has risen over the last decade. While players used to pass low limits with a neat ABC game, now the path to success has become more difficult. There is only one thing that guarantees upward movement - daily work on yourself. At the starting stage of your poker career, it is most effective to analyze hands in the Flopzilla calculator. In this article we will talk about how to get Flopzilla and Flopzilla Pro for free.

What is Flopzilla?

Flopzilla is a powerful and handy poker calculator that allows you to analyze different situations and make more informed decisions. It shows: exact odds of winning, prospects for strengthening a combination, suitable hands for bluffing and much more. Regular analysis of hands in the calculator develops range thinking and the speed of calculating combinations in your mind.

Ease of use is one of the main advantages of Flopzilla. The interface of the program is intuitive and does not require any special knowledge to work with it. To get started, you just need to specify a hand or range on the matrix and set the board cards. From that moment Flopzilla will already be useful. The scale with ready combinations and draws will give a complete picture of the situation at the table on any street. The software will calculate the probability of a certain combination of cards on the flop, turn and river.

Flopzilla is one of the most reliable poker calculators. It is regularly updated and improved to provide players with the most accurate information about the odds of success in different situations. This allows players to evaluate the quality of their decisions, find and correct mistakes.

What is the difference between Flopzilla and Flopzilla Pro?

The developer released the first version of Flopzilla in 2010. Since then, the requirements to poker calculators have been growing and the creator promptly made changes to the software. In parallel with the addition of new tools to the old version, the developer made a modern program. In 2019, the beta version of Flopzilla Pro became available for download. Here are its advantages:

  • The program window stretches to the full screen. The old version of FZ didn't have scaling, which made it difficult to work on modern monitors.
  • You can deal hands with multiple opponents in the pot. Previously, multipots were not available.
  • Equity is integrated into Flopzilla Pro. In the old FZ you had to set HoldEQ separately to compare the strength of the ranges.
  • Flopzilla Pro is integrated into GTO+. The previous version of the program did not have this feature.
  • Chinese, Spanish and Russian languages have been added to the new version of the calculator. Previously, the program supported English only.

GTO+ helps you take steps toward a balanced strategy

Among the less significant innovations, we would like to note the increase in the speed of calculations and increase in the visualization of the software.

How to get Flopzilla for free?

The developer did not sell Flopzilla Pro separately and for a lot of money. Both versions of the program can be purchased for $25. However, you don't have to spend money on a poker calculator at all. To get Flopzilla + Flopzilla Pro for free, sign up for an annual subscription to GTO Wizard or Hand2Note. In case of the tracker, the version doesn't matter: you can get the poker calculator for H2N Asia, H2N Edge and H2N Pro.

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