How to play with statistics on CoinPoker?


At the beginning of 2023, CoinPoker is the most popular cryptocurrency room. It is still far from the top of the overall rating: the room balances on the verge of the fourth and fifth ten. The management is working to improve the situation, raising rakeback and experimenting with formats. In the future, interest to the room will grow. Many players are stopped by the lack of statistics. Are there ways to play on CoinPoker with statistics and HUD? Let's look at the options in this article.

Do poker trackers work on CoinPoker?

Neither PokerTracker 4 nor Holdem Manager 3 outputs statistics directly. The situation with Hand2Note is better - the tracker works without auxiliary software. Users have asked about the ban on trackers from H2N support. When asked directly, an H2N representative replied that "there have been no complaints about bans on CoinPoker." So the first answer to the headline question is, "Use the Hand2Note poker tracker". To display stats, you need a paid subscription to Hand2Note Asia. The stats will be available both at the cash tables and in tournaments.

There is an alternative option for PT4 and HM3 users. We are talking about Advanced CoinPoker Converter. The software converts the CoinPoker’s data in a format accepted by the trackers. As a result, PokerTracker 4 and Holdem Manager 3 import hand history and display statistics during the game. Advanced CoinPoker Converter imports hands from cash and tournaments.

When playing from a PC on Coin Poker allow up to 6 tables at a time. In the mobile client the restriction is stricter - no more than 3 tables at a time.

There are 3 facts in favor of the coinpoker converter:

  • A one-year license costs $60. A one-year subscription to Hand2Note Asia will cost $359. Considering not the highest popularity of the cryptocurrency room, not everyone will want to pay $300 more.
  • You can take a separate license for the cash. The annual license for the software without support of tournaments costs $40. Among the advantages of CoinPoker are not tournaments, so the opportunity to save money on them looks attractive.
  • Free trial version. The developer provides Advanced CoinPoker Converter for free. The trial is given with a reduced set of functions. Everything works in it, but opponents go without nicknames. You can download the converter from the developer's website.

The basic version of Hand2Note is also free on a permanent basis, but it will not show the statistics on CoinPoker.

What are the advantages of playing on CoinPoker?

When talking about CoinPoker, cryptocurrency is always mentioned. It is not only about the deposit methods, among which Tether, Ethereum and Bitcoin are represented. The cryptocurrency room is called because of the blockchain-based RNG. In practice, this means that the user can independently check the honesty of the hand in the registry. More tangible reasons to play on CoinPoker look like this:

  • Low commission. The rake in cash games is 4% of the pot, which is less than most competitors. In tournaments the rake is 7%, in spins it is 5%.
  • Fixed rakeback of 33%. To become a member of the loyalty program, you need a local CHP token. It is given for a deposit or when exchanging it for USDT. In the latter case, you will have to pay a fee of 10%.
  • Weak pool. Poker room is far from the popularity of PokerOK or PokerStars, so there are less professionals and more amateurs. Many users are attracted by the status of cryptocurrency room, but they play poker poorly.
  • Regular freerolls. Several times a day on CoinPoker are free tournaments with real prizes. You can't win big money there, but fans of raising from 0 should definitely pay attention to freerolls.
  • Chinese poker. Coinpoker is one of two poker rooms (the other is Pokerdom) where you can play Pineapple for money.
  • Rake races in cash and tournaments. In cash, $10,000 is raffled off every week. In tournaments, the amount is higher - $15,000, but also the race is stretched for a month. A small pool of players will allow regular prizes.

The minimum scoring combination for the Bad Beat Jackpot promotion at Coin Poker is AAAKK. The prize money depends on the limit. The higher the bad beat occurred, the larger the portion of the jackpot will be drawn.

In 2022, the room drew the attention of the poker community with a pot of $7,700,000. The entire amount went to professional poker player "Tony G".

Today's CoinPoker would not fit as a main room, but you should not ignore it. Targeting weak players can be very lucrative. Especially if you use statistics during the game.

Why is it profitable to buy at PokerEnergy?

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