Multi-tabling at ClubGG: how to play more than 4 tables?


The ClubGG mobile app was launched in January 2021. Within two years the room has not become the industry leader but its popularity is growing. Many experts believe that in the coming years ClubGG will be a success. The app was created and develops by the company which owns the poker network Good Game which speaks in its favor. One of ClubGG's problems is the limit of 4 tables for simultaneous play. Let's talk about how to play more tables.

How to increase the number of available tables at ClubGG?

At ClubGG you cannot open more than 4 tables at a time. This restriction is set by the mobile room client. The limit applies to all unions, types of poker and disciplines. Given the large number of amateurs at the tables, the restriction greatly reduces the income from the poker. However, there is a way to play as many tables as your computer can handle. You will need ClubGG converter. This program allows you to open up to 8 tables from one account. You can use multiple accounts.

When playing with ClubGG converter the number of multi-tabling tables is only limited by the capacity of your computer. With one account you can open 8 tables, with two accounts - 16, with three - 24. Statistic and HUD converter displays too. The software has a free trial version. The developer gives it out on request. ClubGG converter manual and support service will help with the setting of ClubGG converter.

Why is it profitable to play at ClubGG?

The main argument in favor of ClubGG is that the mobile room was launched by the Good Game network. If it managed to leave behind PokerStars in the classic room market, success with mobile applications is likely.

The app has not only a cash game, but also tournaments

Other advantages of the club app include:

  • Weak pool. Recreational players love to play from their smartphones, so they prefer mobile rooms. A big role in the influx of weak users is the availability of the room. Residents of the United States, Israel, Canada, Russia, Brazil, China and Australia are allowed into ClubGG. Formally, the game in the application for conditional chips, which allows you to bypass the legal restrictions.
  • Good software. ClubGG Client is superior to PPPoker, PokerBros and other mobile rooms in terms of features. You can set up: the layout of the table, set the size of bets and automatic buy-in. Convenient filters help you quickly find a table of the appropriate limit and discipline. Additional argument in favor of software - version for Windows.
  • Ability to use statistics. Client for the operating system Windows allows you to play with PokerTracker 4, Holdem Manager 3 and Hand2Note without emulators and tambourine. Especially for H2N, the developers added the option to disable converter statistics. Hand2Note users output statistics via tracker and ClubGG converter bypasses multi-tabling limitation.
  • Large selection of poker types and disciplines. Mobile applications introduce new formats faster than the classic rooms. That is why ClubGG is constantly experimenting and diversifying its lobby. Along with them, the usual NL Holdem with several varieties of PLO is also popular. Omaha is even more popular on high limits.
  • Support for different deposit methods. Club apps work through agents. Good intermediaries provide customers with a wide variety of payment methods. Agents help to deposit to ClubGG account by means that are not accepted by regular rooms. For example, banks in some countries do not conduct transactions to gambling sites. In the case of mobile room this problem does not exist.

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