PokerAid - New Spin & Go Tournament Tool


In the past few years, the dominance of Spin & Go over other Sit & Go tournaments has been obvious to everyone: poker rooms, players, just poker fans. The vast majority of recreational players stretched from the remaining disciplines to the spins because of the successful combination of simplicity of format, transience of the tournament and the probability to hit the big jackpot. The prospect of becoming a millionaire in a few minutes in the eyes of poker fans overrides the extremely low chance of a maximum multiplier falling out.

Where there are many weak players, professional poker players will appear there too. Despite the strong dispersion, some regular players manage to show good results over a long distance even here. And due to the specific nature of the Spin & Go discipline, they feel an even greater need to improve their playing skills. Until recently, they had to use poker programs designed for a different type of tournament. This created difficulties due to significant differences between regular Sit & Go formats and spins.

The first poker program designed for the needs of Spin & Go players was PreflopHero. A detailed review of the PreflopHero program can be found in a separate article. Now it's time to talk about the new poker software - PokerAid.

What is PokerAid?

The main goal set by the developers of PokerAid is to create a comprehensive tool that will turn a rookie at Spin & Go into an experienced professional. It is assumed that the poker program will be useful both to players of spins for $ 1, and to regulars of limits from $ 100 and above. PokerAid works as follows:

  1. At the first launch, the program will offer to import your hand history from Spin & Go tournaments.
  2. Based on sophisticated algorithms, PokerAid will conduct a multi-step analysis of your database.
  3. The result of the analysis will be the identification of the weaknesses in your game.
  4. Based on the found leakd, PokerAid will create an exhaustive list of the shortcomings of your game. Moreover, the program will group all errors depending on their loss making - this will allow you to eliminate the most egregious gaps in the strategy and quickly improve your game. As a result, you will almost instantly improve not only your playing skills, but also increase your profit.
  5. Based on the shortcomings, the program will simulate similar situations and offer to work them out in the simulator.
  6. After each training session, PokerAid will record your progress, which can be observed in one of the tabs.

The software is also suitable for analyze the history of the hands of Heads Up tournaments. Let’s make a quick look at the individual tabs of the program.

PokerAid Dashboard

The PokerAid start window consists of a large number of elements:

  • At the top, you can read news about the program, write to PokerAid technical support, visit its social networks and most importantly, start analyzing your game;
  • A little lower is the number of hands and tournaments that are successfully loaded and based on which a training plan will be drawn up;
  • The Path section shows PokerAid's assessment of your current skills and the immediate goal you need to achieve. In it, you can additionally clearly monitor how your game has changed directly during the game sessions. We emphasize - the program evaluates not only your results in the vacuum of training sessions, but also analyzes how you make decisions in Spin & Go tournaments. A useful feature that will allow you to know exactly which elements of the game you are successful, and where you need to continue painstaking work.
  • The Quizzes & Leaks section of PokerAid contains the most unprofitable situations sorted by stack size, number of players and positions. By clicking on the “Show Leak” button, you can learn more about them and go to the tab with training preflop solutions.
  • In “Session”, PokerAid shows a summary of the duration, number of tournaments and the results of your last session. You can compare the profitability of a real game with the result that you could have with a higher level of skills.
  • Progress” shows the relationship of your recent sessions to the total hand history of all time.

PokerAid Path Tab

One of the most useful and interesting parts of the program is opened by clicking on the “Show Path” button in the start window of PokerAid. It gives a clear understanding of the variability of training in the program. Twenty different situations - a huge scope for increasing skills in Spin & Go. An important feature of PokerAid is that you will not be able to jump over a more serious leaks and engage in less loss-making: PokerAid simply will not let you do it. You will have to eliminate gaps in your poker strategy.

PokerAid scores on the table based on the imported hand history. The larger your database, the more accurate the score you get for the game.

The graph below the table is designed to detail your results on working on problems in your game. Each of the problems is indicated by Step 1, Step 2, and so on.

To go to the window with training exercises, click on “Step 1” in the table.

Preflop training on the Steps tab

The top of the window contains a brief explanation that you are in the very center of the PokerAid poker application. Most of the space is occupied by a short video with instructions showing the principles of the training exercises. We recommend that you remove all this reference information after reading it using the “Info” button.

After completing the previous action, we will see a rather motley and slightly overloaded schedule. But we are as close as possible to the training of specific situations PokerAid. They are activated by clicking on the green «Play Quiz» button.

It attracts a separate space with advice from PokerAid about your most terrible leaks in the game and information on the compliance of decisions on each street with the optimal game.

You are automatically redirected inside an open window to such an extensive list:

You will have to work out all this variety of situations to perfection in order to move on and get rid of the gaps in your Spin & Go game strategy. To start training, click on any situation from the list, and then on “Stars Simple Quiz”.

Before training, you will be shown a pop-up window where the key conditions of the situations that you will work out during the lesson are indicated. It is about your position, the size of the effective stack, your hand and previous actions from your opponents.

So the glorious moment has come when we can practice the specific situations that PokerAid has prepared for us. The training itself is intuitive and very reminiscent of the standard toolkit of programs for push/fold or the same Simple GTO Trainer:

  1. The program simulates the situation from the game;
  2. We make a decision - call, fold or push;
  3. After completing the required minimum of situations, you can end the quiz and see your results with comments from PokerAid.

All the results of your classes are recorded and reflected in your overall score and progress.

Preflop Analysis Tab

Another useful element, which was created by the creators of PokerAid - Preflop Analysis. Range analysis pre-flop groups your hands into specific ranges. Their number depends on your hand selection. Each range receives a rating and the most relevant advice. Here you can also see detailed information about your sample and tracking changes in comparison with the general data to help you focus on the most urgent and unprofitable mistakes. Each range is available for viewing in detail, so you can move on to deeper analysis and viewing reports.

There is an alternative analysis of the preflop strategy: depending on the chosen solution. The graph of all the cards shows how your decisions differ from the optimal game. You can choose a specific solution, after which you will see the relationship between all your decisions and the best option.


The poker program for developing skills in playing Spin & Go tournaments is always of interest to players due to a combination of two factors:

  • The huge popularity of spins among poker players in recent years;
  • Lack of good software designed specifically for Spin & Go.

Therefore, it makes sense to take a closer look at PokerAid. Perhaps this is the program that will help give new impulse to your training and career in poker.