Holdem Manager 3 - how to use during the game?


Holdem Manager 3 is an innovative poker tracker. How, you don’t know what a poker tracker is?! Well, a poker tracker is a program that collects the hands you played (collectively called “hand history”) into a single database. Working with a combination of these hands, you can find mistakes in your game and gradually improve your poker skills. Including by posting hands on poker forums or conferences by copying directly from your tracker.

Another, perhaps even more useful, function of the poker tracker is to obtain statistics on your opponents at the poker table. HUD (Heads-Up Display) gives you the chance to quickly adapt to the game of opponents due to the additional information that your poker tracker provides. All information is taken from hand history.

When playing at the same table, the role of statistics is not too great. Even one hand lasts a long period of time, during which you manage to make notes on your opponent in order to use your observations in the future. But when playing online poker, you will gradually increase the number of tables to increase profits and game skills. Accordingly, there will be less and less time for competent notes. The poker tracker will help you there. It collects information about each played hand and summarizes it. Thus, you simply interpret the collected data and use it to play more efficiently against each of the opponents.

The toolkit of modern programs for collecting hand histories is quite wide and complex. Mastering all the tricks of using trackers will take time and patience. However, you can start winning more with Holdem Manager 3 right now. The procedure for installing and configuring software is not too complicated. And you can benefit from the availability of statistics on opponents almost immediately!

The most enjoyable part is that you can download Holdem Manager 3 for free from the official website of the developer. Moreover, several quite good HUDs come immediately with it. You do not have to immediately understand the complexities of HUD and Pop-up. At the beginning of your career, we recommend that you use simple HUD options. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting confused or going into a sit-out during a game session.

After a few weeks of using the poker tracker, you will no longer be wondering “How to use Holdem Manager 3?”. It will be replaced by many other questions, which will reflect the gradual growth of your understanding of poker. No poker professional can do without poker trackers in online poker. It is not surprising - voluntarily no one will refuse such an advantage over rivals.

For many beginners, the price of a poker tracker becomes a stumbling block. Not everyone is ready to immediately pay $ 60 or $ 100 for software, the benefits of which are still unclear. We recommend in this situation to do the following: consistently try each of the trackers and after that make a decision. All poker tracker developers give you the opportunity to use your product for free. Usually within a month. DriveHUD, PokerTracker 4, Holdem Manager 3, Poker Copilot 6, Hand2Note - this is a total of 5 months of free statistics for beginners in the poker world. A sufficient time to understand the value of poker software and win money to purchase it.