What are the analogues of Flopzilla?


Equity calculator is one of the best investments at the beginning of your career. When asked, "What software does a poker newbie need?" most coaches and experienced players will name poker tracker and Flopzilla. Note - the terms "poker calculator" and "Flopzilla" are so intertwined that they are used synonymously. However, there are other worthy poker calculators. Let's talk about them.

The best hand analyzing calculators. Excluding Flopzilla

The history of online poker began on January 1, 1998 and almost immediately the first poker software appeared. Twenty-four years later, a large industry of software has formed around poker. A long list of programs includes calculators. Power-Equilab, Oranges Calculator and PokerRanger2 are the most interesting ones. Brief information about each - in the comparison table. After that, let's look at the programs in more detail.

Software Price Lifetime license For how many days is the trial issued Windows MacOS Chinese
Power-Equilab 42$ no, 12-month subscription 14 yes no no
Oranges Calculator 15$ yes 7 yes yes yes
PokerRanger2 82$ No, 12-month subscription 21 yes yes no
Flopzilla 25$ yes 7 yes no yes


Power-Equilab is an advanced version of the free tool PokerStrategy Equilab. In terms of functionality, the calculator is not inferior to Flopzilla. Here is what Power-Equilab can do:

  • calculates equity by ranges and sub-ranges;
  • saves groups of hands by ranges;
  • allows assigning different weights for a certain hand;
  • plots equity for any of the streets;
  • displays the heat map;
  • imports ranges from similar programs and hand history from poker rooms;
  • distributes hand strength on unknown flops;
  • exports analysis results or graphs to popular poker resources.

Equity calculator power-equilab allows you to sort out mistakes in your strategy

Power-Equilab — one of the main competitors of Flopzilla

More features of the program would be useful: equity trainer, poker mathematics, playability of hands and distribution of their strength. The trainer develops an understanding of equity, mathematics teaches to calculate pot odds, and playability gives to feel the difference between playing in position and out. Hand strength distribution shows how a particular range hits an unknown flop.

Price. A one-year license costs $42.

Try for free. A trial is given out for 2 weeks. Everything works in it without limitation. Countdown 2 weeks starts with the first launch Power-Equilab. Download the free version of the calculator from the official site.

Oranges Calculator

Oranges Calculator looks a lot like Flopzilla. The arrangement of the range matrix, dead cards, and filters in the calculators are virtually 1-in-1. However, Oranges Calculator has its advantages. Among them:

  • Nash Equilibrium Tool. Needed to calculate push/fold situations in tournament poker.
  • Preflop All-in Helper. Allows you to estimate the benefit of a push or call with a specific hand.
  • Filter Manager. Filters reveal trends or patterns in your opponents' strategies. When creating the manager, the developer was inspired by the filters of poker trackers.

Oranges Calculator копирует и улучшает наработки Флопзиллы

Russian and Chinese languages are a big plus in the eyes of Russian and Chinese users

Almost all the tools that are in Flopzilla are present in the analogue. Some are even more elaborate, such as working with ranges. The calculator supports both Windows and MacOS.

Price. A lifetime license costs $15.

Try for free. A trial is given out for 7 days. The trial has the same features as the paid version.


PokerRanger2 is a poker calculator with a strong GTO solver influence. One of the main features of the software is the ability to build trees showing EV actions. PokerRanger2 is able to build a decision tree based on imported hand history. Other advantages of the software:

  • Dynamic hand ranges. Sort hands by group, color, and weight.
  • Hitting a random board. Learn how a particular range hits the board.
  • Outmost flexibility. If you're tired of constantly opening and closing windows, tabs, and links, the calculator is able to display all the information in one place.
  • Estimation of equity in multiway pots. PokerRanger2 displays information about the influence of the next card for several participants of the deal. The function is implemented as a chart.
  • Charts of equity. A visual comparison of the strength of ranges. Works both for HU-pots and for banks with three or more opponents.
  • Heat cards. Matrix showing hand strength.
  • Action history. At any point in your hand analysis, you can go back and consider alternatives.
  • Dark Theme. Eye comfort in the evening.

The calculator offers an additional useful tool — trainer preflop ranges

PokerRanger2's toolset looks more modest than that of Flopzilla or its other counterparts. But the calculator works on both Windows and MacOS.

Price. A one-year license costs $82.

Try for free. The trial is given for 21 days. It has all the features of the paid version.

Why is Flopzilla so popular?

Innovative products always capture niches and become extremely popular. Flopzilla was one of the first equity calculators, but that fact alone does not explain the demand for it. Power-Equilab came out almost at the same time, but it has many times fewer users. A unique set of functions is not an explanation for FZ success; all calculators offer approximately the same tools. Nor can I explain the price: the orange calculator is cheaper. So why Flopzilla and not analogues?

1. Convenience. FZ interface is superior to its competitors. All necessary elements are clearly arranged in one tab. Since the introduction of Flopzilla Pro, the workspace can be scaled. There is also the ability to change fonts, colorize ranges and set hand weights. A dark theme and new languages were added in 2022. Among them: Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

2. Functionality. Other programs are often inspired by Flopzilla tools. Equity charts, hotness, hand coloring, multiway pot analysis - all of these appeared first in the leader, then they were borrowed by competitors.

3. Feedback. The developer communicates with clients in a 2+2 forum. The feedback allows him to keep the calculator up to date and constantly supplemented with new functions.

4. Integration with GTO+. Many poker players prefer to deal with the already familiar or similar software. That is why the option of simultaneous use of two programs looks attractive.

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