The Micros and the first millionaire in Spins on Partypoker


On the eve we learned the name of the first millionaire who earned his seven-digit sum in the backs of Partypoker for $ 5. The enthusiasm of the poker room in relation to the players does not even become nano-limited - two leaderboards in the “The Micros” promotion. With tickets and cash prizes.

How a million was won in a $ 5 Spins tournament

A significant event happened two days ago, when in the next evening Spins tournament at Partypoker the maximum possible multiplier suddenly fell out. The $ 1,000,000 fight was hot, but not long. In just 19 hands, the player under the nickname "James23C", representing Misty Albion, has become a millionaire.

America represented by elielalbiter from Mexico and Peruvian nilverlobo received consolation prizes in the amount of $ 100,000 for the senor. The Mexican, by the way, also became a millionaire. In Mexican pesos, but still honorable.

The loss of the maximum multiplier and huge prizes - always improve the reputation of poker and the field of the discipline where the landmark skid occurred. Many fans will strive to repeat the success of James23C, which means that the number of weak players will increase and the profitability of each Spins tournament will potentially increase. Do not forget about the fly in the ointment - the inability to use HUD in all disciplines of Partypoker, starting from June 17. On the one hand, this will cause a spin-and-go outflow of regulars and will make the pool of players even more attractive, and on the other hand, it will inevitably reduce the profitability of the game for regular players.

Do not exaggerate the importance of statistical indicators for a successful poker game. This is especially true for tournaments Spins, where the fate of a million can be decided in 20 hands. Due to the large number of players playing in the backs, it is very difficult to collect a representative sample. The ability to play well the final stage of the tournament comes to the fore. And the best tool to improve the skill of the push / fold game is the poker program SnG Wizard 3. The leader in the ICM simulators market, which allows you to analyze both the hands you have played and to solve situations modeled by the program itself. There is a trial 30-day free period.

The Micros - promo for low buy-in MTT players

Not only the distribution of millions lives Partypoker. Following the Monster Series, which focused on players of tournaments with small entrance fees, a leaderboard (even two) was established for the smallest and most beginner players in poker. From 10 to 23 June will be the action of The Micros. The point is simple: earn points, take places in the leaderboards and get rewards. Leaderboards are divided into Super Micro and Micro (depending on the buy-ins of the played tournaments):

The awards will go to players who took the first 50 places in any of the ratings. Prizes are the same for both leaderboards.

Please note that in order to participate in the promotion, you must register through a Partypoker client.
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