Tickets to Sochi and the semi-annual financial report 888Poker


In Las Vegas, the WSOP-2019 continues to gain momentum, for the fifth year in a row sponsored by 888Poker. But 888 is working for the future and is already conducting qualifying tournaments at its first poker festival in Sochi. The unpleasant financial results of the first five months of operation of 888Poker will not be ignored.

888poker LIVE Sochi

In 2019, for the first time on the territory of the Russian Federation, the poker festival from 888 will be held. The gambling center of Russia, the resort city of Sochi, has been elected as a celebration site. 888poker LIVE Sochi will begin on August 8th and last until August 15th. A very tempting guarantee of the Main Event, which will be $ 500,000, has been announced. 888Poker provides an opportunity to select there either through satellites (the lower level of selection starts from 50 cents) or register directly with the help of the client in the “Tournaments - Live Events” tab. The last pleasure will cost $ 1,700. The package includes an entry fee of $ 888 for the main tournament, $ 390 for 3 nights at the hotel and $ 420 for transportation costs.

There will be a lot of people wishing to be in the middle of August at the poker festival in the resort city. Consequently, it is impossible to deny the fact that it will be quite difficult to select one with the help of satellites. Surely success will succeed far from the first attempt. Increasing the chances of getting to the Main Event 888poker LIVE Sochi will be possible through multi-tabling. The best solution to inconvenience when playing at multiple tables is the poker program 888Caption. Convenient placement of tables, translation of stacks into big blinds, the ability to pre-set bet sizes for a variety of situations is only part of the 888Caption functions. The big advantage of this poker software can be called free on the limits to NL10 in cash games and $ 3 in tournaments.

Disappointing financial results of the half year

Along with positive events, such as sponsorship of the WSOP-2019 or the first live event in Russia, 888poker LIVE Sochi, there are alarming bells about 888poker online activities. 888 Holdings continues to report growing profits (cumulative 6% revenue growth is observed in the first 5 months), but casino and sport bets are called their source. The profit from poker inexorably fall. For 2019, the holding's poker revenues decreased by 28% compared to the same period last year.

Causes of prolonged fall lie on the surface:


  • Weak marketing, lagging behind the years from Pokerstars and, especially, Partypoker;
  • The reluctance of 888poker’s management to deliberately develop the company's poker business;    
  • Ambiguous reaction to the launch of a new client of the poker room.    

All this, in the medium term, can lead to the closure of 888poker and the focusing of the company's efforts on more profitable areas of work. This year, this happened with the flagship Microgaming Poker Network - RedKings, completely abandoned poker in favor of the casino.

Unpleasant news for the poker community. They just can not cause concern. And if you want to continue to play on your favorite 888, but are afraid to fall into a state of tilt because of the increased pressure, then you should definitely try Tilt Breaker. This poker software will help to resist and not do something silly when you're on the verge. You pre-set the amount of money, after which you can not show your best game. After overcoming this mark, the poker software will come to the rescue and block the possibility of playing for a certain time. You will stop losing money in situations where self-control leaves you. Profit from poker is the sum of the 10 most plus and minus sessions. Lost less money than usual, which means they have already won! Tilt Breaker has a 15-day free trial.