Pokerstars reduces the number of cash tables to 4 and again kills poker


The insufficiently good financial report for the second quarter of 2019 had a detrimental effect on Pokerstars executives. Therefore, a hasty decision was made to limit the number of cash tables to 4 tables. Yesterday, when trying to sit at the fifth table, the players did not succeed. They wrote off problems with the software of the Pokerstars client. They believed in the best exactly until the PS representatives in the online chat and in the emails announced the innovation. The big idea is:

  • You cannot open more than 4 regular tables when playing for real money;
  • Restrictive measures do not apply to Zoom tables;
  • Sit&Go, Spin&Go and MTT can be multitable in the usual mode.

This unpleasant news for regular players justify the desire to speed up the game. Poker players playing several tables at the same time spoil the experience for recreational players - the main idea of ​​trimming multi-tabling. Another measure in the interests of the ecology of poker and against professional poker players.

According to the management of Pokerstars:

  • For progress, poker development, attracting new players and retaining old ones is a priority. It will be easier to achieve if recreational players do not lose their deposits for 30-40 hands to regular players. Beginners will not get the impression that they are playing against bots in a fraudulent game.
  • Former grinders will have to rethink their priorities: thoughtful poker will replace the thoughtless push of buttons.
  • There will be no more time wasting and slowing down of the game, which are so annoying fishes and weak players.

And here are some examples of ways out of the average regular Pokerstars:

  • Declare a strike. After all, they worked so well in previous years when they introduced Stars Reward with odious chests. We predict the drama and epic quarrels of people who decided to come forward as a united front, but then some of them accidentally end up at the poker table at the time of the active phase of the strike.
  • Write angry messages to the technical support. This may work, but you should rely solely on increasing the number of tables for simultaneous play to 6. There is a possibility that the cunning Pokerstars managers initially planned to make 6, and 4 is an intermediate stage to reduce the painful reaction of the players.
  • Resign and play 4 tables. Winrate will rise, the dollar\hour - will fall. For full ring players this is definitely not an option. And the regulars of short tables will be very uncomfortable, even boring.
  • Go to Zoom. Dispersion will increase, winrate will drop, there is no rakeback at Pokerstars. Bad idea.
  • Multi-room. The only sane option in this deplorable situation. It will be accompanied by problems with the transition to new software, dividing the bankroll, the need to acquire new auxiliary poker programs. We recommend paying attention to StarsHelper and TableNinja 2. Both poker programs support several of the most popular rooms at once (Pokerstars, 888Poker, Partypoker). Both StarsHelper and TableNinja 2 have free 30-day trial versions.


Pokerstars lives up to our predictions and is even ahead of schedule. New measures have already met with strong disapproval from the poker community. Some professional poker players will start playing in several rooms at the same time, some will go completely to Partypoker or other more friendly platforms, some will go straight to the factory.

Suppose that Pokerstars will increase the maximum number of allowed tables to 6 in the coming weeks. However, this does not change the general negative background and dissatisfaction of poker players. Next in line is canceling a select?