How to stop making a profit? - Pokerstars tips


Pokerstars has long sought to part with the honorary title of the best place to play online poker. The bet on dispersive Spin-n-go, chests in Stars Reward, a steady desire to get rid of poker professionals - all this will gradually allow Pokerstars to move in the desired direction. The figures for the second quarterly report of 2019 are the best confirmation of this.

According to the Stars Group report, the share of poker (for the first time since the existence of Pokerstars) in the company's total revenue has become the smallest in comparison with sports betting and online-casino. The greatest growth was shown by sports bets, whose share in the total income of PokerStars increased from 16% to 36%. Less impressive growth is in online-casino, where the share has increased from 25% to 31% per year.

Poker profits moved to third place, falling to $ 192 million (a drop of more than 12% from the same period in 2018). The drop in revenue from Stars Group's poker business also affected the company's total value - shares fell almost 20% after the release of the report. And this despite the overall growth in the company's profitability.

An indirect confirmation of the decline in the popularity of the Pokerstars brand was the periodic hit in the first place in terms of the traffic of other poker rooms. Previously, the first line of the long-standing industry leader seemed unshakable. Given that Pokerstars management will continue to focus on the sports betting market, the dominant position of PS (among poker rooms) will soon be a big question.

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