Poker software and tournament series updates


One of the most popular rooms among the regular grinder players - Pokerking will soon delight us with software updates and a major tournament series.

At the moment, the new software is being tested at the flagship poker room of the Winning Poker Network - Americas Cardroom. The spread of the changes to clients of other rooms of the Winning network is expected in May. However, let's not forget about the experience of introducing new poker clients of the Microgaming Poker Network and 888Poker, which have been launching new software since last year and still will not succeed in their noble endeavor.

What changes exactly await us?

Despite the rather loud positioning of a complete change of the engine and platform, so far only a few new software elements can be noted:

  • The most epic is the appearance of laconic V2 next to the room icon;
  • Now you can increase and decrease the size of the table in any order, narrowing or expanding the displayed view of the window;
  • Blitz Poker testing. Yes, fast poker formats are not reaching some networks as quickly as one might think.

A matter of life, the universe and all that

Any poker player suffers from professional personality deformation. A characteristic sign of metamorphosis, along with tremors and nervous tics, is the involuntary squeezing of the gluteal muscles at the mention of upcoming software updates in the rooms where they make a living. The examples from MPN, Chico and recent statements by Partypoker about the future are all evidence of such concerns. Now it is not known for certain whether the players will be left with the opportunity to collect and analyze statistics through the use of tracking software.

We can only hope that common sense will prevail and the poker room management will not go to unpopular measures in the poker environment, depriving regulars of HUD and other auxiliary programs. Nevertheless, the economy of the room is more focused on numerous rake races and dense multitabling. This will be problematic without poker software. As well as tracking the unfair play, which has become widespread in the Winning poker network.

High Five Tournament Series

Pokerking is not the only one living by updating clients. A series of High Five multi-table tournaments kicks off in mid-April.

It will last 5 days, which is reflected in the title. Buy-ins will range from loyal $ 1 + $ 0.05 to high roller $ 1000 + $ 50. The total guarantee for all tournaments will be exactly $ 1,300,000. The tournament schedule of the Poker Weekend at PokerKing is as follows:

The announcement of software updates on the Pokerking and Winning Poker Network should not discourage professional poker players from giving up the benefits of using the supporting software. Getting up-to-date information through the HUD will give you a significant advantage over other players. Therefore, Hand2Note, Holdem Manager 3 or Poker Tracker 4 are integral parts of any poker player's combat arsenal.

In order to remain competitive and claim high places in the tops and rake races from the Winning Poker Network, it is vital to accelerate and automate the largest number of actions during the game: selection of bet sizing, determining the active table, table layout and many other small parameters. For this, the WPN Tools Lite program was created.

Here are the Pokerking rake race results for the past week:

You don’t need to be seven inches in the forehead to realize that 87% of the players on the list manage to manage to play so much rake exclusively thanks to WPN Tools Lite.

Imagine not just getting $ 2,500 for a week of dense rakeback skating rinks from Pokerking, but also playing a big win ?! Think fantastic !? Not at all, if you have all the information necessary for your opponents, which will become available to you along with the current handhistory datamining of the Winning Poker network.

And in order not to lose face (moreover, to dunk the faces of your competitors) in the upcoming High Five tournament series, we strongly recommend improving your game in the push / fold stage. SnG Wizard 3 will help you hone your skills in playing with a small number of blinds in the stack. From the creators of the legendary SnG Wizard and SnG Wizard 2.