New 888Poker Layouts - Adequate Response to Pokerstars Solution


After the breaking news from Pokerstars, did you think about finding an alternative poker room? Do you consider the very weak level of software when switching to other poker networks or rooms? Would you like to see more convenient poker tables that allow you to conveniently multi-table? If your inner voice answered you the same as we did, then you will like the news at the PokerEnergy store.

Immediately after the limitation of multitabling, it was decided to continue to expand the range of layouts and so: the first choice was made in favor of the eternal rival of Pokerstars - 888Poker. 5 new topics (layouts) were added at once:
1. HM Classic Theme

2. Chameleon Theme

3. Graphite Theme

(take Graphite - it goes better in it)
4. WOT Theme

5. AIR Theme

Each of the themes (layouts) is developed taking into account all the requirements for comfortable multi-tabling (multi-roaming 888Poker with other poker networks/rooms). A wise combination with the 888Caption poker program will allow even the longest sessions to be carried out as easily and naturally as possible. We cannot but mention the round-the-clock technical support from the developer of layouts for 888Poker - you can contact Skype for help: bazabonik.

It is not superfluous to mention that for each purchase you are awarded special bonus points - Energy Points. In the future, you can pay with them in the store and save your money.