If you want to win more and get tired less - new layouts for PS will help you!


Pokerstars software has long been recognized as the best in online poker. For many years, painstaking work was carried out on the appearance of the lobby and PS tables. But good interface for most people does not mean at all that it is the best for everyone, right? Appearance of tables and cards is the most important things for professional poker players.

A nice background for the game table, large and clear cards play a big role for people who play a lot in poker. Under these words, multitablers are especially fiercely subscribed. So we offer today new wonderful layouts for Pokerstars!

Now at PokerEnergy there are immediately available 8 themes created specifically for Pokerstars:

  • «Theme for regulars» - an eloquent name that speaks for itself;

  • «Lucky Mod» - a very nice and inexpensive layout for PS;

  • «Oval Theme» - is a balanced theme for Pokerstars, where everything is done in a form with soothing circles;

  • «Comodo Theme»- a universal layout that can be used at the tables of no-limit holdem, or at the RAZZ tables;

  • «Flat Design»- grace and comfort are felt in every line of this design option;

  • «Comfortable Theme» - the theme allows you to play at Pokerstars and use auxiliary software for multi-tabling (Table Ninja 2);

  • «Create Theme» - a simple and strict style in every detail;

  • «Brown Theme» - a soothing brown background design allows you to collect maximum profit from rivals.

An important advantage of all these themes for Pokerstars is the constant monitoring by the developer over the update. You will never find yourself when you bought a layout, but it doesn’t work with the Pokerstars client in 2019, because no one adapted it from 2016!

Remember that in terms per day, the theme will cost you a few cents, and the benefit will be stable over the years of your poker career! Order your Pokerstars layout now and in just a few minutes, enjoy the superb design of your poker table.