FlopzillaPro Released - Review New Features


Quite unexpectedly, the developers of the original Flopzilla released its more advanced version in the face of FlopzillaPro. For owners of Flopzilla v1 it is available now.

Differences of FlopzillaPro from Flopzilla v1:

  • Ability to increase the size and scale of the program. Progress does not stand still and on many modern screens the first Flopzilla looks very small. Consider some data becomes an impossible task. In FlopzillaPro, the poker calculator window can be enlarged using Shift + Mousewheel.
  • Fantastic speed counting probability and equity. Even for situations where there are more than two participants in the hand. FlopzillaPro is the only poker program capable of this and has no analogues.

  • Filters can be painted in different colors. Enhances the ability to visualize ranges for a better understanding of the ranges and their storage.

  • Counting mode for multipots. Now you can parse all the situations without restrictions on the number of participants in the hand.
  • Export and import in GTO +. It's not just about transferring information in a few clicks from program to program, but the full use of both poker softwares in one bundle when analyzing session.
  • Detailed breakdown of statistics preflop. FlopzillaPro offers a more detailed breakdown of statistics pre-flop than ever before. Want to know how often your range falls into the top pair on a pair board with two flushes? Or the ratio of getting into a full house on a board with two flushes against the rainbow? FlopzillaPro can tell you this instantly.
  • A tool that shows how often certain types of flops fall out?
    A flop breakdown tool has also been added. He will tell you exactly how many types of each flop exist.

Want to try the new FlopzillaPro right now and leave your competitors behind? The developer offers FlopzillaPro for free to all owners of Flopzilla v1. Buy Flopzilla and take full advantage of FlopzillaPro's newest and most advanced poker calculator! A free 7-day trial version is available for everyone.