Results of the first two non-action Sunday Million with low buy-in


At the end of January, Pokerstars announced a downgrade to enter what is arguably the most famous tournament in online poker, the Sunday Million. Realizing that you need to keep your nose down the drain and take it in mass, not exclusivity, the managers of the poker room have halved the buy-in at once! Yes, there have already been millions of tournaments with such an entrance, but these were just single promotions timed to coincide with any holidays or the anniversary Sunday Million. Now the buy-in of $ 109 will be on a permanent basis, which cannot but please those who like to invest less and win more.

About the winners

So, behind the back there are already two such tournaments, how are they remembered? The first took place on January 27, and the second on February 3. Both events collected over 10.000 entries (15.550 and 13.228, respectively), with a considerable number of reentries (3.000 and 2.500). Naturally, with such a large number of participants, the area where the Sunday Million prizes begin is more "smeared". However, the amount that went to both winners was almost the same as in the 2018 Sunday Million with the standard $ 215 buy-ins. The first tournament was won by the Ukrainian 555AU, having deposited $ 137,000, the second tournament was won by another representative of the former socialist camp - a Lithuanian with the nickname benasg. $ 130,000 on the farm will always come in handy.

Secret winners

In addition to those who are lucky enough to win some money, there are other winners in these two tournaments - the Stars themselves. For example, with a two-fold buy-in, the first tournament attracted three times more participants than the standard $ 215 events in 2018! Even if at one time in mathematics lessons you honed your theoretical groundwork on the game "Fool" in deep stacks, it will still not be difficult for you to calculate that here the Stars earned 50% more than before. Well, the marketing ploy is more than successful. This is not another cut in the rights of regulars.

Indirect winners

You will immediately ask the question - if everything is so good, then where is it bad? Yes, unfortunately, there were some drawbacks, and the minuses of the new buy-in are the continuation of its pluses. The tournament, which was previously by and large an expensive lottery with a high prize pool, has now acquired even more shades of gambling due to a very high influx of people who want to bite off a piece of the coveted million. It's no joke, 15,000 participants, and even with not the lowest buy-in, which automatically reduces the likelihood that someone will give you an extra handful of chips. Now it has become even more difficult to get into normal money, and the minimum prizes have become even smaller, even if no one plays such tournaments for them. Thus, following the path of mass participation, Pokerstars attracted significantly more participants, while further complicating the already very difficult task of winning the tournament.

But at the same time, you can expect a large influx of recreational players who are attracted by such a loud sign: no joke, the same million, but you will have to pay half as much. For the sake of this, you can make a deposit at Stars, at the same time entering more modest tournaments or trying your hand at a cash game. The winners in this case will be regular players, who find it more and more difficult to survive on Pokerstars in the face of a lot of negative innovations. Anyway, this is more good news for cash players than neutral, and for tournament pros the Pokerstars lobby already has enough high buy-in tournaments where you can win almost as much as in the Sunday Million without turning the tournament into a lottery ...

How to become a winner

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