How to play poker with statistics at WPT Global?


Fifteen months have passed since the launch of WPT Global. By the middle of 2023, the poker room has made great progress and is ranked in the top 5 in terms of number of players. At the start, the room focused on players from Asia, but now there is interest from all over the world. Many players do not go to WPT Global because of the lack of statistics. Today let's talk about how to make full use of poker trackers while playing.

How to display statistics and HUD in WPT Global?

Holdem Manager 3, Hand2Note and PokerTracker 4 do not work here directly. This is the decision of the management of the poker room. They justify it by the equal conditions for the players and their concern for the poker ecology. Does this mean that you can't play with statistics on WPT Global? Of course not!

The problem of statistics is solved by additional software - Advanced WPTGlobal Converter. You can use it to show statistics and HUD during a poker session. Advanced WPT Global works with HM3, H2N and PT4. The developer provides a free trial version. When playing with the trial converter displays all statistics, but makes the nicknames anonymous.

This converter supports cash tables only

You can download WPTGlobal Converter from the developer's website. You can buy subscription for the converter on PokerEnergy.

Why it's profitable to play the WPT Global?

Several factors have led to the great success of WPTGlobal:

  • The popularity of the brand. The World Poker Tour has been running live series around the world for two decades. The signage has become recognizable, which has converted into user interest in the poker room. Most players will choose a popular poker brand over an app from unknown developers.
  • First deposit bonus. WPT Global's main competitors are mobile poker apps. Neither PPPoker, nor PokerBros, nor Suprema Poker attract newcomers with a first deposit bonus. The World Poker Tour gives a 100% bonus of up to $1,200. Pleasing and the wagering period - in 90 days a player of not the highest limits can do it.
  • Loyalty Program. The poker room pays rakeback centrally. If you've raked over $26 in a month you'll get 30% rakeback. Maximum rakeback in WPT Global is 45%.
  • Great choice of deposit methods. You can deposit your account in the poker room as by classic payment instruments such as bank cards and Skrill, as well as cryptocurrencies. Among the latter, they accept: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether. The set of deposit methods varies and depends on the country.
  • Support of different platforms. WPT Global has clients for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. The availability of software for computers already puts the room above PPPoker, PokerBros or Suprema Poker, where you need to configure additional emulators.

Starting in April 2023, the room is holding a weekly leaderboard for MTT players. The winner receives $1,000 and $500 tickets.

There are NL Hold'em, several types of Omaha and short deck poker at WPT Global. The formats are as follows: cash, tournaments, spins. There is a fast poker - here it is called "Pace Poker". At most tables the game is played with straddle. The minimum limit is NL2, the maximum - NL3000. The main currency of the room is the Chinese yuan. Participation in tournaments costs from $11 to $200. MTT guarantees are not impressive - the biggest tournament prizes are barely reaching $50,000.

The main disadvantage of WPT Global - the restriction of multi-tabling. The Windows client allows you to open up to 7 tables at a time. Seven is not so bad, right? In fact, you can play 7 tables only in MTT. In the cash it is much worse - no more than 2 regular tables and 1 fast poker table. The MacOS client allows up to 4 tables in MTT, but in the cash the situation is the same as in Windows.

Another negative point is access to the poker room. Open an account is not allowed from many major countries. Among them: China, Australia, Russia, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands. Against the background of mobile applications, which are allowed from anywhere in the world, selectivity in favor of WPTGlobal does not go.

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