How to find passwords for Sharkscope opt in and opt out tournaments at 888?


Professional players condescend to the participants of free tournaments. "Why play freerolls, when you can make a minimum deposit and go to real poker" is a popular opinion among regulars. However, free tournaments still attract thousands of players. Some go there for fun, others do not have the ability to make a deposit, for others it is a challenge. Freeroll fans are most interested in freeroll tournaments with a password. "Sharkscope opt in" and "Sharkscope opt out" are often on the radar of newcomers.

What are these tournaments and how to get in?

These two tournaments have been regulars in the 888Poker lobby for ten years. What is the secret to such stability? A loyal community? High prizes? Huge WSOP bracelet level prestige? The truth is that they are not real tournaments and you can't play in them. They serve a different role, which is related to the main function of the Sharkscope service.

Sharkscope opt in opens a player's nickname for public search, while Sharkscope opt out closes it. If you want to hide from the search, you just register in the nearest "Sharkscope opt out" tournament. Specify "optmeout" as your password. If you want to open your account to search, register in "Sharkscope opt in" with the password "optmein". The tournaments themselves are in the tab with MTT - they will be at the top of the list. It is not difficult to find them by sorting by prize pool - there are not many tournaments on 888Poker with a 1 cent guarantee.

Strict prize distribution - out of 180 players, only 1 received a cent

In other rooms, the procedure for closing the search is different from 888Poker. How to close the statistics on PokerStars and in other rooms was dealt in a separate material. In a little more detail the issue with Sharkskope and 888Poker was considered in a special text.

Why hide yourself from SharkScope search?

The main value of Sharkscope to players is that it brings clarity. Tournament poker is very different from cash games, where you are constantly sitting at tables with the same players and collecting statistics. In MTT most of the players are unknown to us and it is almost unrealistic to accumulate useful information. The information vacuum leads to sub-optimal decisions. And Sharkskope provides players with the data they need to make more informed decisions. When there are tens of thousands of dollars at stake, even a small advantage in information is something we must use!

The number of games, the average buy-in and the form can be found even with a nickname closed from the search

Some professional players do not want to give unnecessary data about themselves to their opponents. For this purpose, they close the statistics on Sharkscope. Qualified opponents can use the information about the average buy-in, total proit, distance, form, favorite tournaments and disciplines. There is an alternative view among regulators: they deliberately leave all the data in the public domain. The idea is simple - if an opponent sees high results and a Sharkscope star, they show more respect and fight back less. Here, impressive stats constrain opponents rather than give them an advantage.

Why is it profitable to buy on PokerEnergy?

Sharkscope is available for free: anyone can use the search 5 times a day. Except that in tournaments we meet hundreds or even thousands of players, so it makes sense to subscribe for a fee, where there are many more searches. Five searches a day, even all the opponents at the table are not enough.

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