Sharkscope: how to close statistics?


Poker is a game of information. The more data on opponents we have, the more likely it is to prevail over them. The converse is also true. If you do not want to share valuable information about your game and results with your opponents, we recommend you to spend a few minutes and close statistics in Sharkscope.

How to Close Sharkscope Stats at Pokerstars

Let's start with the most popular poker room - Pokerstars. A step-by-step instruction consists of several simple steps:

  1. Open a client of the poker room Pokerstars;
  2. Click on “Tools” (the right side of the PS client);
  3. Open the “Transfers & Trades” tab, then “Transfer to another player”;
  4. Transfer 1 cent (= $ 0.01) to the nickname «SharkScope».

Your Sharkscope Pokerstars stats will no longer be publicly available. Money back to your account within 5 days.

The second way to hide statistics on Pokerstars is to send a request to [email protected] with the request to close the information. This email will be shared with Sharkscope officials.

How to close Sharkscope statistics in any poker room (poker network)

Here, the algorithm is also not complicated:

  1. Go to the Sharkscope website, select “Options” in the upper right corner, then “Opt Out”.
  2. Indicate the necessary information: room, your nickname, contact email.
  3. Open the letter that will be sent by e-mail and follow the link.

Important! If you receive a letter, but don’t follow the link, the information will continue to be in the public domain for all comers.

Sharkscope: How to reset statistics?

Sometimes players want not to close, but to reset their statistics. Starting from scratch is very easy:

  1. Go to the Sharkscope-Options-Reset Statistics website;
  2. Fill out the form, be sure to indicate the date and time after which your statistics will be continued. All previous information before the specified period will no longer be in the public domain.

We remind you that Sharkscope provides 5 searches per day for free. If this is not enough for you, then at PokerEnergy you can subscribe to the number of searches you need. There is also the opportunity to buy Sharkscope HUD and Sharkscope HandTracker.