8 poker programs for PokerBros


PokerBros is a popular mobile app. It has more players than most second-tier rooms. Only PokerOK, PokerStars and PPPPoker are ahead of it. Many players don't switch from classic rooms to mobile apps because of the mediocre software. In the case of PokerBros, the software problem is even more sharper, as there is no separate client on PC. Third-party software will help to make poker comfortable. Let's discuss about 8 poker programs for PokerBros.

List of PokerBros software

The lack of a PC client complicates the life not only of players, but also of developers. For example, the auxiliary program Jurojin Poker works fine on PPPoker, but does not support PokerBros. As of August 2023, PB supports the following programs:

# Software Type Is there a trial? Price
1 Hand2Note Asia Tracker Yes, the basic version is free with no time limit from 40$
2 DriveHUD 2 Tracker Yes, for 3 days from 20$
3 Asian Converter Converter Yes, for 3 days from 35$
4 Asian Hand Converter Converter Yes, for 7 days from 29$
5 EliteHUD Converter Yes, for 3 days from 29$
6 Asian Tool Auxiliary software for multi-tabling Yes, for three days from 20$
7 Poker Minion Auxiliary software for multi-tabling Yes, no time limit, but with a reduced set of tools from 49$
8 Datamining Hand History No from 5$

Let's group the programs by features and discuss each one separately.

Poker trackers

Hand2Note and DriveHUD 2 support playing PokerBros directly from the emulator.

Hand2Note Asia. The most powerful and modern software for playing with statistics. It has a huge number of tools, like researching the player pool in Range Research or writing automatic notes. The main argument for the beginning player is that the basic version of H2N tracker works for free without time limitations. You can download the software from the developer's official website. However, the free Hand2Note on PokerBros will not display statistics. You need a subscription to H2N Asia. A license for a month costs $40.

H2N acts as both a tracker and a converter

If you purchase Hand2Note for the first time, use promo code H2N10NU. With it you will get a 10% discount for any type and term of subscription.

DriveHUD 2. It is designed for automotive theme. Not only displays HUD and imports hand history, but also has advanced tools. Among them we will single out the R&D department, which will show you where you make the most noticeable mistakes. Another useful feature is the pool statistics. It will show you what decisions most opponents make in specific situations. The visibility of the tracker deserves a special mention. In H2N it is difficult for a beginner to understand - DriveHUD 2 looks much friendlier.

Asian Hand Converter integrated into DriveHUD 2

DriveHUD 2 has a free trial version for 30 days. Download the tracker from the developer's website and use it without feature limitations.


Not all trackers support PokerBros stats directly. Holdem Manager 3 and PokerTracker 4 will not display the HUD without a converter. PokerBros supports: Asian Converter, EliteHUD and Asian Hand Converter.

Asian Converter. We put the first on the list, because the software has an extended set of tools. Asian Converter not only helps with importing statistics, but also:

  • assigns hotkeys;
  • displays pot odds;
  • makes available tables forbidden for emulators;
  • saves hands in different currencies with a predetermined multiplier;
  • supports multi-tabling up to 4 tables from one account.

The converter supports not only Pokerbros, but also PPPoker

Upon request, the developer provides a free trial version. The trial version of Asian Converter is full-featured, i.e. all the tools of the paid license work in it. To get a trial version of the converter, download the software and write to the support team.

EliteHUD. The main advantage of the converter is support for a large number of applications. As of August 2023, EliteHUD helps to display statistics in 23 poker rooms. It differs from its competitors in that it offers separate software for each application. When you subscribe, you do not get a universal tool for all rooms, but access to a group of converters for a particular room.

Software from EliteHUD knows how to automatically switch between active tables

The developer provides a trial version for 3 days. To evaluate EliteHUD, register an account on the converter's website. The software is limited only by the trial period. The set of tools in the trial is the same as in the paid subscription.

Asian Hand Converter. Supports 11 poker applications. Integrated with DriveHUD 2. The main advantage of Asian Hand Converter is that it works with a large number of emulators. The converter supports several versions of LDPlayer, Bluestacks and Nox. It bypasses restrictions for emulators on PokerBros.

Pokerbros table stats will appear after 1 hand played

The developer provides a trial of Asian Hand Converter for 7 days. The trial version of the software includes a full set of tools. The converter can be downloaded from the developer's website.

Software for multi-tabling

The lack of a desktop version of PokerBros makes multi-tabling difficult. Therefore, the importance of auxiliary programs increases. Asian Tool and Poker Minion simplify simultaneous play at multiple tables.

Asian Tool. The program resembles Asian Converter in many ways, but does not support the output of statistics. Among the useful functions we would like to emphasize:

  • opening access to tables forbidden for emulators;
  • assigning hotkeys;
  • calculation of pot odds;
  • integration with NiceHandOmaha;
  • saving hands in different currencies with a specified coefficient;
  • support for playing up to 4 tables from 1 account.

Asian Tool supports several popular applications

The developer provides Asian Tool trial. To get it, download the auxiliary program and write to the support team. The free version of the software includes a full set of tools.

Poker Minion. The software emphasizes the arrangement of tables. With Poker Minion you will be able to:

  • Switch between tables in 1 click.
  • Fix tables on the monitor screen.
  • Draw attention to the current table with a sound signal.
  • Assign hotkeys.
  • Use the built-in randomizer.
  • Automatically activate the time bank. Works only for holders of privileged statuses.
  • Block the PokerBros client notification "The checking is free".
  • Assign bet size using the built-in numeric keypad.
  • Set up automatic table switching. The software will bring to the forefront the table where it's time to act.

Poker Minion is powered by Pokerrrrrr2 and PokerTime

Developer gives away a free trial of Poker Minion on demand.


Almost all professional poker players use datamining. It is especially useful when moving to a new room or to a different limit. However, few poker players know that datamining is also available for PokerBros. Still, playing from an emulator and closed clubs do not dispose to the collection of hand history. You can get datamining on the KingsHands site. Convenient filters will help you sort hands by: types of poker, limits and clubs. They sell datamining as full packages or as a monthly subscription. In the latter case, the history of hands comes every day to your e-mail.

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