3 original solutions in the selection of trackers


First was the Great Nothing. Then there was the Big Bang and the Universe arose. Gradually, it expanded. On planet Earth, life was born. After a short period of time this life was invented one of the greatest games in history - Poker. Further a branch appeared in the form of online poker. The next step in evolution was the emergence of fundamental poker software for collecting and analyzing statistics - Holdem Manager and its eternal rival - Poker Tracker. For decades, it was precisely between these two mastodons that a confrontation and a serious struggle for customers took place. They occupied a dominant position and no one could shake it. Even the legendary and epic Pokerstrategy Elephant, an ultimatum to the choice of tracking software, by some quite incredible coincidence of circumstances could not cope with this oligopoly.

As time went on, players' needs for information and high-quality software grew, and therefore Holdem Manager and PokerTracker 3 replaced the new generation version of Holdem Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4. In 2016, a new player appeared in the market in the face of Hand2Note, which gradually gained increasing popularity and designed the final picture, which we observe among the leading programs for the collection and analysis of statistical indicators as of today. However, this does not mean that the list of worthy software solutions is limited only to the above-mentioned three whales. Let us consider in a more attentive way much less known, but not without interest, poker trackers and software similar to them.

1. Poker Calculator Pro

The program is aimed at collecting and analyzing information about the hand played and opponents in real time, provides information about the mathematical aspects of the distribution (the number of our outs, what are the chances of a call, which outs strengthen us, the sequence of previous decisions of the players in the hand) action on the current street. Poker Calculator Pro also includes a basic HUD, which allows you to make a conclusion about the type of opponent or automatically assign it to a certain category based on predefined indicators for profiling. The most interesting and useful solution of poker software seems to be the ability to specify the recommended actions for the most common situations. Suppose we are a tight-aggressive player, already familiar with the basic poker concepts and principles of a plus game. For the development of any poker player is required to expand the arsenal of positive actions that we can reasonably perform at the gaming table.

One of the key aspects of growth, of course, is our ability to effectively bluff. However, we are not too inclined against the truth, if we say that many players are cautious or simply do not know how to choose the right situation for the appropriate bluff. With the help of Poker Calculator Pro we will be able to pre-set specific game situations, in the event of which the software will issue a recommendation to perform a specific aggressive action. For example, put a second bluff barrel in the finished backdoor flush draw on the turn or a scary card. Very useful at the stage of conscious competence (hello, Jared!) And the transfer of knowledge into the sphere of unconscious competence. A simpler, but certainly extremely useful application would be to set the pre-flop ranges for opening situations, cold calling, 3-betting and just follow the pop-up tips. To some extent, the program will allow us to sharpen the strategy on two levels: theoretical, where we will memorize key aspects of the strategy when creating profiles of various situations or set specific range; practical, where we will run in these solutions in practice, gradually honing the skill of the game.
Problems of the software: the cut-down functionality at Pokerstars, HUD is still quite simple and you will not be able to exploit your opponents by checking / raising the river, since such detailed information is not provided to them.​

2. Poker Copilot 6

From the creators of the most famous and landmark programs, Poker Copilot 4 and Poker Copilot 5 !!! In fact, Poker Copilot 6 is a bright example of good software, which is not widely spread due to the dominance of more promoted competitors. A full-fledged poker tracker for collecting and analyzing statistical indicators, as well as further improving the strategy and uprooting faces through working in numerous filters. One of the key "chips" - targeting players with Mac OS. Despite the widespread distribution of apple products throughout the world and the high demand for it, the offer from the developers of poker software for the platform is very scarce. In addition to the hero of the section, only the creators of Poker Tracker 4 are preoccupied with the support version for Apple.

A positive feature of the program can be called and ease of importing the database. Immediately after installing and running the program, it will scan your computer itself and automatically import the found Hand history. This operation will be done fairly quickly, which will please the newly-minted user software. A good solution is the presence of pre-defined filters for the most popular and important situations that allow you to avoid viewing the manuals for setting filters, which sometimes take several hours and still leave a lot of questions even for experienced players.
Software leaks: a slightly less advanced tracker in comparison with another software solutions (although it is possible that ease of use, at least at first, can be attributed to positive aspects, and not to negative), when using the Russian language, a number of inaccuracies appear in the title of stats (solved by switching the language in the program itself).


Do not be fooled by the name of the program - this is the real tracking software for collecting statistics. Moreover, the visual design is almost the best among the entire line of similar programs (including industry leaders). The DriveHUD interface is styled as a car theme (racing cars are everywhere, one of the options for demonstrating statistical indicators is in the form of speedometers). Bright colors of the tabs, nice design and convenient HUD setting. A cool implementation of creating a HUD that allows you to "construct" your Head-Up Display with stats by simply dragging them inside the empty space of the window.

On a separate line, we note integration with other applications (Simple Postflop, ICMizer 2, Player X-Ray, as well as the ability to download and install free versions of already created HUDs in a couple of clicks). Pre-configured filters for situations that are most relevant for the analysis can not but rejoice (especially PT4 users who sometimes almost beat their heads against the wall, but still cannot build the filter of interest to them without dancing with a tambourine and / or outside help. And sometimes even this is not enough!). The DriveHUD replayer independently selects the most won and lost banks, which allows you to do without using traditional tabs (closing / opening for each hand separately).

Problems: subscription, which is far from being enjoyed by all users, despite the availability of a subscription for a year and lower prices for subsequent years; Hand imports take a decent amount of time, comparable to Poker Tracker 4, the recognized leader in the meditative process of forming a hand database among all tracking software.


The number of tools to improve the strategy of the game is increasing every year. Poker is changing, and with it the needs of players for information and the software necessary for development are changing. Leaders of the poker software market have long been known and take their place fully deserved. But this should not automatically mean ignoring the new poker products, among which are found now and will meet in the future worthy of close attention options. In the end, no one forbids consistently trying out all the poker software to collect statistics for free (almost all developers provide the opportunity to use all the software’s features for free during the month) and choose the one that will appeal to you.