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Very good soft for multitabling, It really helps when you want to play 2 rooms at the same time! And the best part - 888Caption is free up to NL10!
Review to 888Caption


Всегда любил играть MTT! Проблема игры в турнирах - большое количество неизвестных игроков. В отличие от других форматов здесь у вас почти нет времени изучить соперника - каждая ошибка может стать...
Review to Sharkscope


I just recently started playing poker seriously. And almost immediately I realized that I needed a poker tracker. At first I wanted to buy an HM3 or PT4, but paying $ 60 seemed like overprice. I...
Review to DriveHUD


I have been looking for a suitable software for working with ranges and researching hands for a long time. But Flopzilla is just a dump of your head! Exceeded all expectations. I will not boast that...


Долгое время выбирал между HM3 И PT4. Хотелось купить трекер, который не нужно будет продлевать каждый год и, тем более, месяц. Понравился конструктор HUD и работа с фильтрами. Дополнительный, но...
Review to Poker Tracker 4
Table themes and modifications

Custom layouts are designed to replace the standard ones, which are offered by poker rooms by default. Custom layouts usually contain a minimum amount of unnecessary and distracting from the game elements on the game table and help to make the game process much more productive.