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Долгое время искал подходящий софт для заучивания своих спектров. Уж слишком их много нужно сейчас держать в голове. Чарты на стене и механическая зубрежка не давали того эффекта. Решил попробовать...
Review to PokerIQ


The only poker tracker that works fine on my MacBook. Finally, there is no need to arrange dancing with a tambourine to play poker with statistics and HUD.
Review to Poker Tracker 4


For three years of my career I have been searching for suitable tables by my own hands. At some point, I got bored and decided to google some software. As a result, I came across a sharkyskanner....
Review to SharkyScanner


Пару месяцев назад PokerStars принудительно перевели всех игроков на новый софт. Софт бесячий, но это еще полбеды. Вторая половина проблемы - перестал работать StarsHelper. Пошел к разработчику...
Review to StarsCaption


Top calculator for its money! It helps a lot to understand your own mistakes. The rudiments of range thinking are finally emerging. The Hotness function is very pleasing. For a long time i did not...
Table themes and modifications

Custom layouts are designed to replace the standard ones, which are offered by poker rooms by default. Custom layouts usually contain a minimum amount of unnecessary and distracting from the game elements on the game table and help to make the game process much more productive.