We would like to thank you for spending time for reading our guide for beginners. Below, we list the main concepts FYI.

Choose a poker room to play

Make sure that your country is not in the list of prohibited by the rules of the site, and the poker room has a good reputation. Make sure that there are enough tables of your chosen discipline and stake level in the lobby.

Check a poker room's VIP program 

If you plan to play for a long time on one poker site, rakeback and first deposit bonus will give you a good amount of money at long distance. For some disciplines rakeback is the bigger part of the total profit.

Decide on a basic set of software, and do not forget to take care about security

Decide on program-tracker that suits you most. Then consider what additional programs or services at the moment will give you the maximum benefit.

Find out for yourself what other software you may need.

Cash players will probably prefer a good program to do table selection, and Sit’n’Go players will want something like SNGWizard.

Look for a useful poker coaching site

Subscribe for some materials, constantly learn, develop your poker skills. Sign up for at least one poker forum (preferably on several). Do not waste your time looking at complaints and bad beats, look for useful threads and articles that can help you improve your game. Try to communicate with the players you respect.

And the most important - have fun playing!

Poker is a game of skill and you should know how to enjoy it.​

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