Winner Poker closed

iPoker Network

In 2021, the second poker room is closed: at the end of May, Best Poker ceased its work. And now it's Winner Poker's turn. Let's talk about this.

Quick goodbye

The closure of Winner Poker is unpleasant news for its users. However, things look even worse due to the fact that less than a week passed between the announcement and the shutdown of the site: on Wednesday, WP players received notifications, and today even the official site does not work.

Players had 5 days to withdraw money from their accounts. It is likely that with such a swiftness of Winner Poker, many users did not have time to make a cashout. There have been no official announcements about what will happen to the players' bankrolls. The iPoker Network is also silent.

he room has worked flawlessly since 2006. The iPoker Network Winner did not belong to the most popular rooms, but the promotions and conditions for playing there were good.

What to do next?

If you have played at Winner Poker and are now looking for a suitable room for yourself, then take a look at the poker rooms section. There is a large selection of other rooms from the iPoker Network and other poker networks.