SharkScope API - the ability to make software more powerful


SharkScope is one of the largest online poker statistics trackers for online poker tournament players. The site allows you to study in detail both your own statistics and your opponents.

The site contains information such as profit history, return on investment (ROI), average stack and other achievements. All this and much more allows you to find out in which game you performed best and how your opponents played, in order to get an idea of ​​which opponent you are playing against.

Most of you may already be aware of the power of SharkScope, but few are aware of its powerful programming interface (API) for corporate clients.

Software providers can significantly increase the power of their products by integrating SharkScope with their software.

Sharkyscanner + API Sharkscope

One of the third-party poker software vendors, Sharkyscanner, is already taking full advantage of this API, providing its customers with a unique product. The software is designed in such a way that it allows you to automatically register in any desired tournament or Sit & Go competition.

The program is quite powerful and is capable of scanning the lobby and entering only those tournaments that match your preset settings. For example, it can be programmed to register in tournaments with a certain number of weak players or to avoid those tournaments where you think opponents are too strong for you.

Without integration with SharkScope, you have to play with the marker in your notes for a long time. But this method can take too much of your time or generate an error.

SharkyScanner works in a completely different mode when integrated with the SharkScope API. Using it, you can register for tournaments based on player statistics from SharkScope. This is the most accurate method, since SharkScope tracks almost all Sit & Go tournaments on PokerStars, and also the fastest since you don't have to mark all players in your notes with a marker.

Poker Copilot + API Sharkscope

Another software provider that takes advantage of the Sharkscope API is Poker Copilot, which provides poker tracking and HUD features. Previously available only to users of the MAC operating system, Poker Copilot now runs on Windows.

In addition to providing statistics on players, the integration of Poker Copilot with the Sharkscope API allows you to get general statistics on the performance of players in tournaments. This works on any site where Sharkscope or Poker Copilot is supported, including most of the major poker social networks.

This includes dozens of useful statistics about how experienced your opponents are and what their general ability level is. This is ideal for a situation where you don't have many hands on your opponent, but you need to understand as quickly as possible what type of player you are going to play against.

This function is useful even when you already have a rather long hand history against a certain opponent, since the information is in direct close interaction with the HUD.

Check out SharkScope now if you play online poker. Well, if you are a software developer, pay attention to how much more powerful your products can become when integrating with the SharkScope API.