From Rags to Riches from Unibet Poker!


The new promotion from Unibet poker is designed to stimulate poker players of one specialization, to express themselves in other disciplines. Within the framework of the new promo “From Rags to Riches”, players will be invited from June 24 to August 5 to consistently play at cash tables, spin-n-go - HexaPro and regular SnG tournaments. The purpose of this universal call will be to collect keys that you can use in a special bonus game, where you will need to go a long way from the depths of the avenues to the Vegas penthouse.

The keys are divided into bronze, silver and gold. They are issued depending on the limit played. You will get the first bronze key for free. Each week, players will also be rewarded with bronze keys for each entry into the Unibet poker client.

Unibet Key Collection Terms

In total, during the day, each player can receive up to 5 keys of each denomination. Participants of the action will give out keys when performing simple tasks:

  • See 15 flops with rags. Scoring for promotional flops are those where one of the three cards on the table will be below 6;
  • Play 3 HexaPro with the smallest multiplier of 1.5x;     
  • Play in 6 SnG tournaments. No additional requirements. Just play.   

Requirements for limits and levels:

Every day one player has the right to count on 15 keys. The maximum prize of a promotion is € 1,000. Minimum - ticket for the bronze freeroll. All the way in one picture looks like this:

Bronze, silver and gold freerolls will be available throughout the promotion. If you win more than one ticket at the same freeroll level, your stack will be increased accordingly. For example, two tickets of equal value = two starting stacks.
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