Pokerstars banned in Switzerland


New unpleasant news for all fans of poker - Pokerstars leave the Switzerland. Starting July 1, the game at Pokerstars became unavailable for representatives of this alpine country. The reason has traditionally become changes in legislation that were adopted last year, entered into force in January 2019, but had a slight transition period of 6 months.
For a long time in Switzerland, the legal status of poker and the mechanisms for its regulation were not clearly defined at the legislative level. Now these times are over. The main novelty in the law on gambling is the need to obtain a license for online poker operators. Switzerland choosed the American way: any poker room or network to work in the country will need to conclude a cooperation agreement with the local casino.

Partypoker and iPoker left Switzerland first

Many online poker brands left the market at the beginning of the year. Among them were Partypoker and iPoker. Pokerstars continued to work throughout the transition period, hoping to have time to conclude an agreement with some local casinos. An additional incentive was the temporary monopoly position due to the self-withdrawal of competitors. However, despite all the attempts, even Pokerstars failed to stay on the Swiss poker market.
It is expected that sooner or later, the right partner will be found and the Pokestars will be able to fully return Switzerland to the poker family. It is possible that the citizens of the country of "chocolate and banks" will already play in Europool PokerStars. The option of returning to the common pool is not excluded. Swiss legislators have made it clear that they are not interested in creating another poker reservation.

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