TigerGaming Poker Shark Week


Following one tournament promotion, the flagship poker room TigerGaming and the entire Chico Poker Network are already announcing another. Dollar Insanity comes to replace Poker Shark Week. The Sunday MTT tournament is again in the spotlight. Again, players will have the opportunity to play in a regular poker tournament with an increased stack. If Dollar Insanity offered you to multi-table in one tournament, then at Poker Shark Week you will have the chance to play with a triple starting stack.
If we were skeptical about the promotions of the Chico Poker Network, then we would assume that all advertising budgets for July were rationally and carefully spent on whores and cocaine. But we are not like that at all, and we welcome any attempts of the poker rooms and networks to popularize poker and attract new players.

How to become a shark of TigerGaming?

Turning into a predator of the depths is not difficult at all - just take a place in the top 10 satellite to the Main Event and enjoy the new status of “shark”. To the honorary title relies triple starting stack.
For players of mobile platforms TigerGaming held freerolls, where you can also get regalia and not spend a penny. We note the desire of the Chico poker network to cover the mobile device market.
The main tournament will be held on August 4, so the time to get through paid and free satellites is still there.
General schedule of Poker Shark Week:

How to become the main shark among sharks?

In the main tournament of the Poker Shark Week promotion there will be a huge number of people willing to take the main prize. Everyone will seek to knock you out of the tournament and seize an increased stack. In order not to give your opponents a single chance, we recommend that you subscribe to Sharkscope. For less than 30 cents a day, you will have the opportunity to receive important information for each of your competitors at the poker table. And with one of the premium subscriptions to this extremely useful poker service, you will feel the “Eye of Sauron” among the hobbits. Subscribe today and get ready to devour all opponents tomorrow!