Lightning! Poker Copilot 6 runs on macOS Catalina


Poker tracker Poker Copilot 6 is not the most frequent guest of our news or on the average poker player’s computer. The main feature of this poker software is its focus on Apple products. Initially, only Poker Copilot 6 fully worked on macOS. Then PokerTracker 4 joined him. Holdem Manager 2 and Hand2Note still do not support Apple computers. Actually, one of recent news is related to the work of Poker Copilot 6 on macOS.

Poker Copilot 6 now runs on macOS Catalina!

A new version of the operating system for computers, servers and other devices by Apple was released in July 2019. Immediately, work began on adapting the small but proud poker software to the requirements of the new version of macOS. Already at the end of August, they achieved success - Poker Copilot 6 works correctly on all personal computers, Apple laptops. When you first run the tracker on the Catalina operating system, you will be asked for permission to:

  • Access to the download folder. This is necessary for the normal loading of hand histories in real time into your poker tracker;
  • "Recordings of your screen." Do not be alarmed by the wording - without permission, Poker Copilot 6 will not be able to determine whether a client of a poker room or tables in it is open.

Without permissions, you cannot use the poker tracker. To change the settings you need to go the following way: macOS -> Security and privacy -> Privacy.

How to set up Poker Copilot on the new PokerKing (WPN) client?

After an epic upgrade and a switch to a new client, the Winning Poker Network experienced massive user dissatisfaction. The location of the folder where the played hands are saved has also changed. This fact required adjustments to the settings of Poker Copilot 6. For the normal storage and display of information about the played hands, it is required:

  1. In the poker room PokerKing go to: “Game Info” -> “View Hand History” -> “Options”;
  2. Check the box next to “Save Hand History”;
  3. Make sure that the exact same path is selected in the poker tracker itself. If not selected, add using the “+” button and indicate the correct path;
  4. Restart poker room of the Winning Poker Network;
  5. Restart Poker Copilot 6;
  6. Play a few hands and check that everything is in order.

In the extreme case, if after all efforts your poker tracker still does not work properly, you can contact the technical support of the developer by email at [email protected].
We strongly recommend trying alternative poker software to collect and analyze played hands. Poker Copilot 6 has a free trial for 30 days. A great option for those users who need poker statistics, but do not want to see thousands of unfamiliar and complex stats. The poker tracker is simple but tasteful. The emphasis on macOS guarantees the proper functioning of the poker software on Apple products.