Partypoker also introduces 6+ Holdem


Short Deck No Limit Hold'em promotion is gaining momentum: a new Short Deck tab has appeared in the partypoker lobby, clearly hinting at the room's plans to develop a more arcade version of traditional NL Hold'em.

There is no doubt that two factors led to this decision: one is a little frivolous, the second is quite objective. The first argument: “no, well, they've introduced it to Pokerstars! Let's do it with us, only with more adequate conditions. " The second argument echoes the first - a gradual growth in the popularity of the discipline both online (the game is already presented on the iPoker networks, Winning Poker Network and, as indicated above, on Pokerstars), and offline. The most striking example of the demand for short deck hold'em in live play was the Triton Poker Series, which ended a few weeks ago, where more than half of the tournaments were played in the new format.

Pokerstars was run in, now we can start!

What is the advantageous difference between Short Deck Poker and 6+ Holdem and why, under current conditions, it is on the brainchild of partypoker that you should opt for an analogue from Pokerstars?

The strongest argument in favor of partypoker is predictably significant rakeback. Yes, formally Pokerstars also provides rakeback in the form of our adorable chests (there were even fundamental changes recently - the chests changed color, cost and size of the reward inside), but the offer from party poker in the amount of 40% cashback evokes a slightly greater response in the soul of almost any player in poker. This is not to mention the exclusive Diamond Club Elite with a whopping 60% rakeback. The rise to the fore in short deck poker is easy to explain - people make strong hands more often, open more often, place more often, the variance is higher and the amount of rake generated is also higher. That is, the dynamics of the game itself dictates the need for decent rakeback. Pokerstars chests also have their supporters, but it is a little more difficult to beat a highly volatile game with them. The poker rooms of the iPoker network traditionally offer high rakeback, but they have another problem that hinders the growth of the popularity of the discipline - the secondary role of poker in the total income of the owner company and, as a result, the low interest of Playtech in the development of the poker business.

The sidelines and leftover funding of poker does not favor the promotion of the game on the iPoker network. There is little benefit from high rakeback where there is little to no traffic or play.

Some dry numbers

To play in beta testing at party poker, limits are available from NL2 to NL1000. Another difference is the ability, upon reaching a certain size of the stack, to "carry away" the excess and hide it in the pod without leaving the table. A useful trick for people wary of playing deep stacks. And, perhaps, the main advantage of Short Deck over 6+ Holdem: the rake charged is lower here. If on Pokerstars 6+ Holdem the player is forced to pay 4.5% -5% from each pot, then partypoker has reduced the bribe to 3.33%. A small fly in the ointment - they decided to make the overall cap at the Party higher than at the Stars (for the NL25 limit, the partypoker cap is $ 3, Pokerstars generously takes only $ 2). As a result, it turns out that partypoker provides higher rakeback, takes less rake and has more traffic than the comparable iPoker network in terms of rakeback.

Rules of the game

The rules completely repeat the version of Starz's short decks. At one time, players were a little discouraged when they switched from iPoker (where the game first appeared online) to Pokerstars and saw that some of the card order rules were different (straights are weaker than sets and trips, flushes are stronger than full houses). This is easily explained by the fact that in a short deck there is much less chance of making a flush than a full; similarly for sets / trips with straights.


The growing demand both online and offline shows that poker players are interested in a new, more dynamic traditional hold'em format. It is not hard to predict that the demand for the game will manifest itself by gradually adding discipline to the lobby of all the more or less significant players in the online poker market. The combination of the novelty of short deck poker and its dynamism will make the fields very sweet and profitable for a while. However, in order to taste all the exquisite sophistication of frittata, Buddha Jumping Over the Wall soup and bluefin tuna at the very fish tables, you will have to grow and develop outside the poker tables. This is where the equity calculator for short deck hold'em comes to the rescue - CombCalc6Plus. Stay ahead of the game with meticulous work to improve your poker skill and you won't have to eat fish casserole instead of juicy lobster and black caviar